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"Seoulful" Savings: Budget-Friendly Adventures in Korea [Part 3]

1. Visit a Korean Bakery

Korean bakeries are top-tier. There are some really fancy places you can go to that resemble Western-style bakeries and often have a range of popular Western-influenced baked goods! Of course, there will always be the Korean spin-offs and originals which are great too! But have you been to a Korean, Korean bakery? I'm talking the choco (chocolate) pies, twisted donuts, and cheese-filled bread, you get the drift. These are the authentic Korean-style bakeries. We've mentioned one before in our Cute Things article. You can read more HERE. Did we mention that these bakeries are very decently priced?

The easiest way to spot these bakeries is to look for the 빵 (ppang) sign! 빵 means bread!

2. Walk along Seokchon Lake

Seokchon Lake is beautiful all year round. In the fall season, it's particularly pretty with its gold and orange foliage surrounding the lake. It's a big lake and there are two sides to it, there's the Lotte World side which I'm not generally a fan of because it can be quite busy and the theme park takes away from the natural scene of the lake, the other side is a bit more quiet, and usually has some ducks! Both have a great view of the Lotte Tower. Sometimes there can be a big yellow rubber duck on the lake too, not sure when he/she/they/them is coming back. Overall, it's a calming gentle vibe, a great place to take photos, and is right next to Lotte Mall!

This is Seokchon Lake in the fall:

Seokchon Lake rubber duck
Seokchon Lake rubber duck

3. Visit a photobooth

If you're a lover of all things Korea, you would know about the countless photobooths that exist in the city. The pricing usually starts at around ₩4,000 ($3.00 USD) I believe and can be more depending on which booth you go to. If you want more than one copy of the photos as well it will cost a little more. Recently in Korea, there has been a trending photobooth where the camera is above you rather than in front. Some other places have unique themes. There are also photo studios which can cost a little more but these are more professional type photos and don't come in the usual 4x4 squares. You can usually choose which frame you'd like for the cute photobooths too!

Another bonus feature of those booths is some have places for you to fix your hair and makeup, some even have straighteners and curling irons and we must not forget to mention the fun props! You usually need a card to pay!

Korea is a fun place! I always used to say "Living in Seoul is fun if you have time and money" but I'm thinking there are 100% budget-friendly things to do that still ensure a good time! Are these tips helpful to you? Comment below!


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