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Fall In Love With Exploring Pink Galaxy In Remarkable Y2K Spirit!

Let's relive the magic that was held on July 30! A dazzling Pink Galaxy event at SM Pampanga! The stage was on fire as our contestants unleashed their A-game once again, leaving us thrilled!


"Kpop Static Pampanga: Pink Galaxy" is not just an ordinary K-pop Event; it is a celebration of everything that makes K-pop unique, including its remarkable fashion sense.

STYLE ICON Award: Embodying the Y2Kpop Spirit

This accolade aims to recognize the attendee who best captures the essence of Y2Kpop fashion.

Several competitions fall into three categories (such as K-Singing, K-Dance Cover, and K-Cosplay), offering a variety of thrilling activities that explore many facets of the alluring visuals and exquisite attire that pay homage to the Y2K fashion era!

Amethyst PH, K-Dance Cover

Maria, K-Singing Category

Yoshi, K-Cosplay Category

By incorporating performances, games, and activities, even those who are not familiar with K-pop can actively engage and join in this celebratory occasion!

Credits go to Donatella for the Tiktok video

The official media partner, F-7 Photography, ensured that every smile, dance move, and joyful moment was perfectly captured!


Stay tuned for more electrifying events coming your way! 🎉🎶


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