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Fan Theories About Jin's New Single "The Astronaut"!

BTS' eldest member Jin has just dropped a new single 'The Astronaut' yesterday (October 28th) and fans are going crazy! It's not just about the outstanding visuals and vocals this time though, but also about the underlying story of the MV. Theories are already running around, but let's recap for a moment.

The MV starts with Jin sitting next to a broken spaceship, which fans are speculating he used to come to Earth. As the song starts, the scene changes and we see him in a nice house (a possible fast–forward) where he's peacefully doing crosswords on his bed when suddenly a beam of light appears outside the window. Seok Jin starts running towards the light, which turns out to be the same spaceship seen before, now fixed and ready to depart for space.

Fans' main theory is that Jin came from space and landed on Earth, where he was stuck as his spaceship was broken. Here he learns to live like a human being and eventually finds a home.

To support this theory we see many symbols and signs, the predominant one being the little girl, who appears repeatedly and seems to be close to the singer. In fact, fans are associating her with ARMY – which is what BTS' fandom is called – saying she's a symbol of their special bond.

Other signs to support this theory are the many space-related items in Jin's room in the MV, as well as the helmet he gives to the little girl right before departing for space as if he was giving her something to remember him by. It should be noted that that was the same helmet that was sitting next to him in the very first scene when he had just landed on Earth.

By the end of the MV, the BTS member has the chance to get on the spaceship and go back home to space, but he seems to change his mind last minute and starts running back. Once again, fans interpreted this moment as his realization that he has found his home on Earth and he belongs here.

Basically saying BTS' singer Seok Jin has found happiness and home in an environment where he didn't feel like he belonged at first (maybe the entertainment industry? maybe the boyband?), mostly thanks to ARMY. How sweet is that?

Other theories see Jin as a human wanting to depart for space and sending the message that, no matter how far he goes, he will always come back home to Earth (aka ARMY and BTS' members). Which we like just as much! Especially considering it was confirmed the eldest member of BTS is about to depart for military service.

Fans' sharp eyes also noticed other possible subliminal messages, like the multiple 'STOP' signs and the truck, supposedly a symbol of the rest of BTS.

What do you think? Have you watched the MV? What's your theory on it?

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