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[Film Preview] Netflix's New Movie "20th Century Girl" Reminiscent of "Twenty-five Twenty-one"

Reminiscent of earlier this year's release of Twenty-five Twenty-one, Netflix's 20th Century Girl is set in the year 1999 and follows the first love and friendships of 17-year-old high school student Na Bo Ra (Kim You Jung Lovers of the Red Sky 2021). Storyline sound familiar? We break it down for you!

With a bubbly attitude, Bo Ra is good at taekwondo and is a member of the school's broadcasting club. Her best friend, Yeon Doo (Roh Yoon Seo Our Blues 2022), has a crush on fellow student Hyun Jin (Park Jung Woo Hospital Playlist 2 2021) and asks Bo Ra to find out everything about him while she goes to the United States to have heart surgery. As Bo Ra begins to find out more about Hyun Jin through her friend Woon Ho (Byeon Woo Seok Moonshine 2021), she becomes closer to Woon Ho and Hyun Jin.

Cast of "20th Century Girl" (Netflix)
The cast of "20th Century Girl" (Netflix)

20th Century Girl is scheduled to be released on Netflix on October 21st.

Fans on Twitter are already going crazy over the trailer! Take a look!

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