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ITZY's YUNA stuns with hypnotizing eyes in “Algorhythm” teaser!

ITZY's YUNA stuns with hypnotizing eyes for their new single “Algorhythm” teaser! We dive into the details of this highly-anticipated single! Here's everything you need to know!


Itzy unveils the Yuna video clip teaser for his third Japanese single "Algorhythm".The four teasers have now been published, revealing an acidic aesthetic on a funky and catchy instrumental which will leave listeners wanting more!

"Algorhythm" is the third Japanese single by the South Korean girl group ITZY. This will be the single's title track and "No Biggie". The physical release comes in three versions: one limited edition, one standard edition, and four MIDZY JAPAN member editions.

This new single marks an important turning point in ITZY's career in Japan. This is their third single in the country, demonstrating their growing presence in the Japanese music scene. Fans are optimistic that the group will be able to capture new audiences and solidify its position as an internationally successful girl group.

A highly anticipated release!

The release of “Algorythm” is highly anticipated by ITZY fans and J-pop fans in general. The single's catchy lyrics, catchy rhythm, and captivating visuals promise to make "Algorhythm" an instant classic!

Let's check out YUNA's teaser!

Why we love it!

"Algorhythm" Teaser 1

"Algorhythm" Teaser 2

For us, it has created a playful and fun theme with the video, and the general vibe of the new album can be seen through this, as well as the outfits that ITZY and the other members are wearing!

"Algorthythm" will be released on May 15th, 2024. We will be ready and waiting in anticipation! Are you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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