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"FRI(END)S": Challenging Norms and Promoting Inclusivity in K-Pop

BTS Taehyung shared a message through the new music video he was in which caused a stir and gained the hatred of some while the others on the other hand loved it, so what was it about? Let's dive into the details and uncover the story behind the headlines!

On March 15th, BTS Taehyung, also known as V, unveiled his captivating pop single, "FRI(END)S", a departure from his previous work in the "Layover" EP. Complementing the release was a visually striking music video, styled as a dark comedy, where V portrayed a man engulfed in a world brimming with couples, desperately seeking love.

In a departure from the norm, V chose to film the "FRI(END)S" music video in the United Kingdom, opting for a British director and actors. This decision allowed for a greater degree of diversity than typically seen in K-pop music videos, which are predominantly filmed in South Korea.

Controversy ensued not because of the female companion sharing V's bed or the romantic gestures between them but due to the subtle yet powerful support for the LGBTQIA+ community depicted in the video. Five impactful shots positioned behind V distinctly showcased lesbian couples, with scenes unfolding inside a grocery store and a restaurant. The inclusion of young gay men, lesbian women, and lesbian girls throughout the video hinted at and extended support for the LGBTQIA+ community.

These shots have led some to believe that Taehyung is openly expressing and showing his support for the LGBTQ+ community, with a specific emphasis on lesbians and gays.

The reactions to these shots have been mixed. While some fans appreciate the inclusive representation and view it as a positive step towards acceptance and equality, others have criticized Taehyung for the endorsement of homosexuality.

As discussions unfolded, assumptions regarding V's own sexual orientation began to circulate, further fueling the controversy.

Unfortunately, amidst the discussions, the romantic storyline between Taehyung and British actress Ruby Sear seems to have been overshadowed. The focus has shifted primarily to the presence of lesbian actors and actresses, neglecting the broader narrative presented in the music video.

It is worth noting that Taehyung's portrayal in "FRI(END)S" is that of a young man in love with a girl, while the surrounding cast includes individuals from the LGBTQ+ community. This has led to accusations of him openly promoting the LGBTQ+ cause, despite South Korea's conservative stance on LGBTQIA+ rights.

The controversy surrounding Taehyung's music video raises an important question: should artists be applauded for promoting inclusivity and representation, even if it goes against societal norms? The response to this question has been deeply divided, reflecting the ongoing discourse around LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance in various cultures.

What are your thoughts on V's approach? Would you be being as a part of his teams that are promoting LGBTQIA+ visibility?

Share your ideas, thoughts, and comments, and participate in what others have to say in the comments section below!


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