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BTS’ V Stuns in 8 Covers For Three Magazines!

Following the announcement of his solo debut BTSV is showing that he’s more than ready to take flight on his solo career with all the amazing shots in his recent magazine covers!

No doubt V is a budding icon in the world of fashion after being named as Global Brand Ambassador for both luxury brands Cartier and Celine respectively. Of course, he channeled some looks from Celine in some of his recent magazine covers and exuded uniquely different vibes and personalities on each cover he graced.

Let’s take a look at all 8 covers he recently appeared in three magazines!

Arena Magazine

V is definitely giving some spunky and daring vibes in these outfits from Celine. He pulled off a bicolor leather jacket, a leopard print scarf, and a sparkling see-through top. V is wearing a sparkling see-through top shot in black and white that made the sparkling top pop in the image.

Pop Magazine

Still wearing Celine pieces, V is rocking the vision of the creative, artistic, and image director of the brand. He donned a black leather jacket, a sparkly sequined top, and classic skinny jeans. The star of the magazine cover is indeed rocking the black hair giving some mysterious and grungy vibes.

W Magazine

And lastly, V graces in 3 W Magazine covers. Exuding different moods with 2 of the covers shot in a more up-close look for his fans to appreciate his oozing visuals and charisma.

Which among V’s recent magazine covers is your favorite? We would love to know your thoughts on your favorite magazine cover of his!


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