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From actress to songstress: Park Eun Bin's hidden talent shines in "Castaway Diva" (+ song links)!

Castaway Diva poster
Castaway Diva poster

Did you know that Park Eun Bin can sing and that she's actually singing as her character Mok Ha in the drama Castaway Diva? Wow!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo still
"Extraordinary Attorney Woo" still

We know that Park Eun Bin is a very talented actress, her performance in Extraordinary Attorney Woo was inspirational, and from there she's won the hearts of many and continues to explore her talents!

Her voice is stunning! The first time we watched her sing in Castaway Diva we thought the voice matched her perfectly but didn't realize she was singing! We can't wait to hear more of her angelic voice in the upcoming episodes!

Here are some of the songs she's sung in the drama so far:

Park Eun Bin - "Someday" (Castaway Diva OST)

Park Eun Bin - "Here I am" (Castaway Diva OST)

Park Eun Bin - "Night and Day" (Castaway Diva OST)

Park Eun Bin - "Mint" (Castaway Diva OST)

Park Eun Bin - "Open Your Eyes" (Castaway Diva OST)

This is not the first time she has sung in one of her dramas! We found that she also sang a song for her drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo! The song is called "The Blue Night of Jeju Island" and you can check the video below!

Park Eun Bin - "The Blue Night of Jeju Island" (Extraordinary Attorney Woo OST)

She's sung for another K-Drama OST as well which was one of her dramas called Operation Proposal, taken in 2012.

Singing Career on the horizon?

Can we expect Park Eun Bin to release more solo music in the future? Potentially! She's been practicing and singing in a few dramas and events now. We don't know for sure, but it could happen! Here are some events she's performed at!

Park Eun Bin singing at her first fanmeet

Park Eun Bin Dance Performance

If you don't know we LOVE Park Eun Bin! She even comes up as a pop-up on our website! We're looking forward to seeing her shine in the K-Drama and potentially K-Pop world!

If you're loving Castaway Diva as much as us you can check out some of our episode articles HERE!

Comment below what you think of Park Eun Bin's angelic voice!

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Sisters Room Co
Sisters Room Co
05 déc. 2023

It's very shocking how Multi-talented PARK Eun Bin is... Usually it would be the idol or the singer that dive into acting... It was different for her. The Castaway Diva is like a story for herself... It was amazing KDRAMA to watched.

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