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[Spoilers Ep 6!] Castaway Diva: Will the real Ki Ho please stand up?

Updated: Nov 20

If you've been watching the latest Park Eun Bin drama Castaway Diva on Netflix you will also be scratching your head a little wondering which of the two brothers is the real Ki Ho. Spoilers ahead!

Ki Ho or not?

At first glance, you would think N also known as Cha Hak Yeon is Jung Ki Ho. His character Kang Woo Hak, seems the most plausible for the moment as the real Ki Ho, because of the very obvious matching physical feature he has to the young Ki Ho, which is his glasses.

As we continue to watch, you can't help but feel that something feels amiss about Kang Woo Hak as Ki Ho, he does seem to have a connection to Mok Ha and he did just regain his memories about his youth but the details still seem fuzzy.

In that scene where their father picks up the chair to hit Ki Ho, we see Kang Bo Gul (or so we think) played by Chae Jeong Hyeop protect his brother by getting in between Ki Ho and his father, so at this point in the drama we feel as though it is at a 50/50 stage with both brothers because as much as we're guessing it's Kang Bo Gul who is Ki Ho, we never really know with K-Dramas do we?

Kang Bo Gul's Chemistry with Mok Ha: Is he Ki Ho or is this just second male lead syndrome?

If you don't know what second male lead syndrome is let us teach ya!

Urban Dictionary Definition
Urban Dictionary Definition

It can also be when you want the second male lead to end up with the main female lead but as we know that doesn't ever usually happen. RIP the Han Seo Jun ship. We're still not over that.

Castaway Diva still
Castaway Diva still

For us, the chemistry between Bo Gul and Mok Ha has been stronger than that of her with Woo Hak. The way Bo Gul ran to Mok Ha's rescue when he found out that she had received flowers from "Ki Ho" and realized that it was someone trying to harm her because HE IS THE REAL KI HO, or so we are guessing at this point. The way he watches her, and in some ways tries to show that he doesn't like her but secretly cares for and protects her, we're feeling that male lead love syndrome as well!

Since the scene where Bo Gul puts shoes on Mok Ha we started to get either he is Ki Ho or this is going to be the second male lead syndrome again. The suspense is killing us! What do you think? Who do you think the real Ki Ho is? Let us know in the comments!

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