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Get The Youthful Korean Look With These 3 Items from Your Wardrobe!

Wanna look young and laidback? Pull out these items off your wardrobe and get style inspiration from Korean fashion!

Knitted vest styled with shorts. Spring and summer look.

1. Hoodie

A neutral-colored or bright-colored hoodie is a dynamic piece of clothing that you can transform in many ways depending on the occasion. For colder seasons you can wear a turtleneck underneath or put on a denim or leather jacket on your hoodie or simply style it as it is.

Rosé in black hoodie. Airport look.

Lisa in a yellow hoodie.

2. Track pants / Sweatpants

You can definitely upgrade your track pants or sweatpants looks from the basic athleisure look to a city casual look. Instead of pairing it with its matching zip-up jacket, you can style it with a sweater or jacket of your choice.

Jennie in sweatpants and denim jacket.

3. Knitted vest

A quality knitted vest is a great wardrobe investment because you can style it in multiple ways and you can look casual or formal depending on how you style it. Neutral tone knitted vest can be your go-to piece of clothing as you can pair it with any piece of clothing and color. A bright-colored knitted vest can also give a nice pop of color to any simple outfit.

Nayeon in stripe knitted vest.

V in neutral-colored knitted vest.

Which look resonates with you the most? Let us know how would you style it!


Jan 21, 2023

I really like to wear like this but it doesn't look the same on me as well as on them. I love wearing


But it's hot in my country 😭

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