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GOT7's Bam Bam Shows Concern Over Seoul's False North Korean Missile Launch

During the early morning of May 31, 2023, approximately at 6:45 AM KST, Seoul City residents received a disturbing text from the Seoul Metropolitan Government via an emergency text that read, "Civilians prepare for evacuation, and please ensure that children, elderly, and disabled persons can evacuate first." This was due to North Korea having launched a reconnaissance satellite (space launch vehicle) in the direction of South Korea as well as Japan. GOT7's BamBam showed his concern for all Seoul citizens by sending them a thoughtful text! Let's break down this story!

The disturbing electronic text that all Seoul citizens received was this:

Despite this troubling news, many Seoul citizens seemed undeterred from their everyday routines and carried on with their day. Ten minutes after the first text, a new alert was issued clarifying the first text was a "false alarm" and had been sent by mistake.

It is true that recently, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been issuing many "false alarm" texts therefore the reaction to Seoul citizens doesn't seem that strange. If you would like to read more about this issue, please head here.

After hearing receiving this horrifying text, GOT7's BamBam Tweeted, "I'm glad nothing happened."

He later on made it clear to everyone in a later text an hour later stating:

"in case if something really happened just want to say i love you guys and always thank you."

- BamBam via Twitter @BamBam1A

Let us know what you think about this situation! Should the Seoul Metropolitan Government be held responsible for constantly sending out "false alarms"? Or do you think it keeps citizens "on their toes"? Comment below!

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