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Gu Won's human past is revealed! Plus a shocking ending you don't want to miss! ["My Demon" Ep. 12]

What really happened to Gu Won when he was a human? Who is the woman that he has been dreaming of? We answer these questions and more in today's article!


Jeong Gu Won (Song Kang Sweet Home 2 2023) has been the main topic for the past two episodes as we are getting a better understanding of why his personality and attitude are that of a demon! If you haven't read the breakdown of our previous episodes, be sure to read those first so we don't spoil the details for you!

The introduction

Starting at episode 12 entitled "The Savior of Destruction", we are introduced to a kind Young Master Seo Yi Sun (Jeong Gu Won's human name). One day, he takes a nonchalant walk to the river and spots a woman who looks exactly like Do Do Hee (Kim You Jung 20th Century Girl 2023). We're not sure, but most K-dramas always do this! The first interaction between the two leads is, as you guessed, not friendly as Do Doo Hee's look-a-like accuses Seo Yi Sun to be the world's "most carefree loafer" who neglects his studies. Just before the pair can finish their conversation, Yi Sun's servant barges in oblivious to what is going on! (How convenient!)

Through speaking with his servant, Yi Sun learns that the woman is a courtesan who recently moved from Hanyang (Seoul's old name). That night, at a dinner party, we find out that Do Do Hee's look-a-like is called Wolsim! (If you haven't read our breakdown of episode 11, this is your last chance!) Yi Sun pretends to study at the riverside where Wolsim practices her dancing, but she is not easily fooled. However, the two do share an attraction and become closer!

Yi Sun finally professes his love to Wolsim by saying the three magic words, "I love you"! But given their social class difference, Wolsim rejects his offer of marriage. Because her dear friend also fell in love with a nobleman and died because of their relationship, Wolsim too decided to give up on love since "it can't save someone's life"

A band-aid solution!

Due to the class distinction between the two lovers, it would be almost impossible for both of them to get married to each other. Yi Sun finds a solution in Christianity! In Christianity, since all men and women are born equal, they can finally get married! We love that Yi Sun also said, "Instead of waiting for the day that all of Joseon can be equal, I want to pass the State Exam and make it happen." (We love a man who can take action!) However, their strong sense of conviction does not last long as Yi Sun's servant, worried that his young master might be doing something against social norms, reports his activities to Yi Sun's father.

Gu Won's source of rage and evil!

As Yi Sun gets ready to go to Hanyang to take the state exam, he gives Wolsim his cross necklace. (Hmm foreshadowing perhaps?) Meanwhile, during the Joseon Era, western religion was looked down upon since it "spread false beliefs" against Confucianism. Therefore, all those who believed in Western ideology were put to death.

While Yi Sun is gone to Hanyang, Wolsim is caught as a Catholic and is questioned by the royal court. She is forced to give up the name of the person who converted her but refuses. As a result, she is put to death before Yi Sun can come back to rescue her!

Blinded by rage and consumed by fury, Yi Sun kills all the soldiers who took part in killing Wolsim, including his servant. Then he takes the same sword and slits his own throat. Wow! That was a lot to stomach! We apologize if it was a bit too graphic.

Present day

Literally like waking up from a bad dream, Gu Won awakes with Do Hee next to him. Now that he realizes his faith killed her, he is filled with sorrow and regret. He goes to see "God", the homeless woman at the subway station, who knows that he got his memory back. Seeing that she needed a "helper" it was "God" who turned Gu Won into a demon. "God" tells him that it is a fate that he created upon himself so he should deal with the consequences.

Fate has a way of coming full circle

Now realizing that "God" was right, Park Bok Gyu, Gu Won's assistant, confirms his belief by explaining that since Do Hee is actually Wolsim, the moment he met her in the present day was fate returning full circle. The fact that his tattoo transferred to her was because their destinies were intertwined.

Noh Do Gyeong is finally dead!

In a sudden plot twist (that's why we love this show if you haven't already noticed), Noh Do Gyeong is paid a visit by his mother, Kim Se Ra. Instead of comforting her son, she is told by Noh Suk Min, her husband and Do Gyeong's father, to blame Do Gyeong. Filled with despair and betrayal, Noh Do Gyeong decides to hang himself right when his psychiatric evaluation comes out.

A shocking ending!

As we near the end of episode 12, we preview more shocking secrets that are yet to be revealed! In the final scene, we are brought to a car accident involving Madam Ju, when she was alive. It seems that she caused the fatal car accident and next to the victim stands Gu Won! Gu Won hints a sly smirk to show that he will make a contract with Madam Ju! Did they know each other before Do Hee and he met?

Wow! There are so many questions we have to ask! Let us know in the comments your thoughts on this series so far! We want to hear from you!


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