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Honey Lee is a combination of exciting and fun in new comedy/period drama "Knight Flower"!

Back to the small screen after slaying extraterrestrials in Alienoid, Lee Ha Nee also known as Honey Lee, returns as the "Robin Hood" of the Joseon Era! We dissect her new comedy/period drama Knight Flower and why you should be watching!

As one of our most-anticipated top 5 K-dramas of 2024, Knight Flower proves that it is better than we thought! Premiering on January 12, 2024, this swashbuckling comedy from the Joseon Era is climbing up on the viewership ratings and should be one of the top dramas of the year!



Hailing from a prestigious noble family in the Joseon Era, Jo Yeo Hwa (Honey Lee) has been a widow in mourning for 15 years. Her mother-in-law, Yoo Geum Ok (Kim Mi Kyung Welcome to Samdal-ri 2023), keeps her on a tight leash and life as a nobleman's widow is suffocating. Yeo Hwa must live with her mother-in-law and cannot leave her house. At night, she transforms into a vigilante helping others in need. One night, she bumps into a local policeman, Park Soo Ho (Lee Jong Wan The Golden Spoon 2022), who inspires her to become better and starts to dream about her future.

Excited yet? We sure are! Here are three reasons why you should be watching Knight Flower!

Honey Lee is the perfect balance of funny and witty!

Armed with that amazingly cute dimple, Honey Lee displays the perfect balance of nonchalant attitude with a mix of spice for her character Jo Yeo Hwa! Often expected to act like a "perfect Joseon noblewoman", Yeo Hwa needs to express herself. Honey Lee does a tremendous job of balancing these two faces: one during the day in front of other noblewomen and important people and one at night when she's fighting thieves and criminals.

A reminder that Joseon noblewoman had to act accordingly

Knight Flower does a tremendous job of focusing on the topic of a Joseon noblewoman's life. Unable to express their true selves, Joseon noblewomen had to act according to what was expected of them in society. A slight mishap, like in the first episode where Yeo Hwa is asked to paint a picture, and rumors start floating around.

Although life as a woman in South Korea has increasingly become better, we are reminded that there are still many issues that women have to fight for today as well.

An element of romance!

What's a K-drama without the element of romance? We hope, and this is a strong "hope", that the relationship between Yeo Hwa and Park Soo Ho will grow into a romantic one! Just two episodes in and we can't wait to see what happens between these two! We're expecting hilarious interactions with some awesome choreographed fight scenes along the way!

You can catch Knight Flower every Friday and Saturday at 21:50 on MBC. It is scheduled to have 12 episodes! Two have already aired. What are you waiting for? Let us know if you're watching Knight Flower and what you enjoy about it! Comment below! We want to hear from you!


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