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IU's stardom shines too bright for stadiums to hold! Plus her surprise encore concert announcement details!

Singer/songwriter and actress IU proved that her popularity is still at the top as she concluded her fourth Seoul "H.E.R." world tour performance on Sunday night at the sold-out KSPO Dome, one of South Korea's indoor venues. IU performed more than 30 songs to more than 15,000 fans for more than four hours! To much of her fans' delight, she made a special encore concert announcement to return to Seoul in September later this year at Seoul World Cup Stadium with a capacity of 66,704!

The KSPO Dome originally sat 10,000 seats but had to be modified to fit IU's larger audience. The new setup included a 360-degree view of the stage with IU being able to interact with her fans more personally! What was even more amazing about IU was her constantly shifting her seat during the performance so that she could face her fans! This goes to show how passionate IU is about her fans and how much she respects them!

Fans responded by waving their synchronized light sticks throughout the dome creating a colorful wave design and cheering her name.

She never hesitated to give credit to all her Uaenas (IU's official fandom name). “All of your cheers reached this circle (that I perform on), and I could hear it through my in-ears and my microphones. It feels so good when that happens,” IU said during her performance. She also added a joke, “I lost more weight than I did after my performance at the Seoul Olympic Stadium (in 2022). I think I get to walk here more because it’s a better venue to communicate with you guys.” 

IU performed her most recent hits "Holssi", "Love wins all", "Shopper", "Shh..." and "I Stan U" from her latest album "The Winning".

IU surprised her fans further by including a surprise encore announcement! “'H. E. R' is my first world tour and thankfully tickets are selling out around the world,” IU announced. “I thought our Korean fans would miss me as I go on my world tour, which is why I’m having an encore concert back here.” The announcement was met with wild and ecstatic cheers.

She continued, “The concert in Sangam will have a different atmosphere: it will be a similar yet different performance from the ones at the KSPO Dome. It also holds more people there!”

We couldn't be more happy for IU and her success globally! Let us know if you were at the concert and/or if you're planning on going! IU's "H.E.R." world tour continues in Yokohama, Japan, Taipei, Taiwan, Singapore, and Banten, Indonesia to round up the month of April.


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