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Lisa Looks Stunning In Bvlgari At Aurora Awards With Vogue In Seoul!

BLACKPINK'S Lisa looked gorgeous and stunning at this year's Aurora Awards held on October 18 in Seoul at the Walkerhill Hotel Light Theater! The event was hosted by Bvlgari, which Lisa is the global ambassador of! Many K-pop stars showed up to the event as well!

Lisa wearing Bvlgari's snake necklace at Aurora Awards (Bvlgari)
Lisa wearing Bvlgari's snake necklace at Aurora Awards (Bvlgari)

Lisa was seen wearing Bvlgari's famous snake necklace design and had us wondering, "What do you think that cost?" It turns out that not only is Lisa the ambassador, but she was also the host of the event wearing some serious hardware! Check out the price tag for yourself!

The Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity is an annual humanitarian award recognizing outstanding individuals for their efforts in humanitarian work. It first took place in Armenia on April 14, 2016. The recipient of the awards receives $1,000,000.

Other celebrities that attended the award show included Lee Soo Hyuk , Astro's Moonbin ,

Lee Soo Hyuk bvlgari aurora awards seoul 2022
Lee Soo Hyuk

astro's moonbin bvlgari aurora awards seoul 2022
Astro's Moonbin

T-ara's Hyomin bvlgari aurora awards seoul 2022
T-ara's Hyomin

Bibi Bvlgari aurora awards seoul 2022

Lee Min Jung bvlgari aurora awards seoul 2022
Lee Min Jung

Yoo Mi Lee bvlgari aurora awards seoul 2022
Yoo Mi Lee

Check out the red carpet video for the full celebrity list!

Performances by Ravi and Prime Kings, Bibi, and Mamamoo also wowed the crowd!

Bibi was awarded for her contributions to the music category. Actress Yoo Mi Lee was awarded for her film contributions.

Our Thoughts

It is refreshing to see other K-pop idols and K-celebs recognized for their contributions to humanity! Hallyu has definitely taken over the globe with partnerships with global brands such as Bvlgari and Vogue!

What other K-celebs do you think should have won the award? Let us know!

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Woww, very elegant and beauty.

Me gusta

Geli Arbolario
Geli Arbolario
07 nov 2022

All of them look amazing!! So fresh and elegant looking ❤️‍🔥

Me gusta
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