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K-Drama Recommendations from my FAMILY to yours! (Trailers Included)

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Reply 1988

In some families, it's common to fall into the same habits and hobbies as each other, especially when you live very closely together. In some cases, that habit or hobby may be K-Drama! At first, it will start with a rejection, a little K-Drama denial like "Oh, I don't want to watch that, it looks boring", and then it becomes leaving work early to come back home and watch K-Drama in bed (true story by the way)!

I asked 8 of my family members what their favorite K-Drama was and why! Here are their recommendations for you!

Mum/ Mom/ Amma

Favorite K-Drama & Recommendation: The Glory (2022)

My first thought was, The Glory? wow mum, that's dark, but I get it! She said she enjoyed this drama because of the justice it serves. There is something so satisfying about watching the main character giving those unremorseful bullies a taste of their own medicine, don't you think?

There is also a trailer for Part 2 below!


Favorite K-Drama & Recommendation: She Was Pretty (2015)

He said he liked the storyline and the main character. He liked the actress and how she portrayed her character. He said it was "good acting". He also said he liked how she stood her ground. Thanks, Dad!


Favorite K-Drama & Recommendation: The Inheritors/The Heirs (2013)

When I asked why she gave me one response:

"He's hot".

Best Friend

Favorite K-Drama & Recommendation: The Glory (2022)

She also loved the kick-ass attitude of Song Hye Kyo. The Glory seemingly proves to be a popular show amongst women. Since you saw the trailer for Part 1, here's the trailer for Part 2. My friend also said she loved good romance.

"I did use to love those comedy romance or drama 2nd male lead syndrome lmao."

I agree. Justice for Han Seo Jun (True Beauty)!

Brother/Korean Cousin

Favorite K-Drama & Recommendation: What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? (2018)

Well, he sent it as WWSK. So I'd say he is an expert.

"Mostly because it’s the first I ever watched start to finish but also because it has everything you need. All the tropes. Chaebol son with an average background girl, linked childhood drama, a murder mystery. I can rewatch that every year and still be cool with it. It’s definitely the most accessible."

What a great answer.


Favorite K-Drama & Recommendation: Crashing Landing On You (2019)

"Crash landing on you. Reason….how sad it is that you can’t live with the one you truly love due to politics and dictatorship."

So very true, it was sad to see the effects of the war play out through this drama.


Favorite K-Drama & Recommendation: Our Blues (2022)

After watching these dramas my uncle fell in love with Jeju Island and would like to go and spend some time there. The many stories portrayed in this drama, bring about the beauty of humanity and also reality, the realness in our day-to-day lives.


Favorite K-Drama & Recommendation: Young Lady and the Gentleman (2021)

I think my grandma had a little crush on the main guy. So cute. My grandma gets pretty into dramas, she basically watched the entirety of Penthouse with me, and her responses were the funniest!

Chingu/Korean Guy

Favorite K-Drama: D.P Season 1 (2021)

Though he doesn't usually watch K-Drama, he will give it a try if I recommend one or if he finds one I'm already watching interesting. I recommended he watch D.P. 1 and so he tried and loved it!

We have written some thought-provoking articles about D.P. Be sure to check them out as well! HERE is one to start you off!


Favorite K-Drama & Recommendation: Love in the Moonlight (2016)

This was difficult to choose, as were many above. I have a few K-Dramas that I really love, if there is one I always go back to, to feel a bit of magic it would be this one. Park Bo Gum, Love in the Moonlight, so many pretty things in one drama.

There you have it! Our family K-Drama recommendation list! I would like to add that most of these dramas have great OSTs so be sure to check those out too! Are any of the above dramas your favorites too? If yes, comment below!

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My favourite kdrama is Heirs , I got emotional everytime I watched this 🥺😭. At first my family didn't like to watch kdramas and now everyone becomes addicted of it hahah . Specially my mom 😅

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Hi there! Thank you for your comment! Omg yours is the same as my sister! Yes! I feel like it’s the same with anything that seems not common to us! Thanks for sharing your fav! ❤️❤️

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