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K-FOOD goes global! The modest Gimbap becomes an unlikely global sensation!

Now if you have ever been to Korea, you will know that gimbap is a daily staple for many Koreans. Gimbap, which is a rice roll wrapped in seaweed, is poised to be the newest K-food sensation, despite its humble origins and misleading label as "Korean sushi". Read on to find out why it is trending globally!

Gimbap - Photo: Lewis Hooper
Gimbap (Lewis Hooper)

In the US an arrival at Trader Joe's $3.99 "Kimbap," a transliterate of gimbap, triggered viral contents linked with the food, prompting its Korean vendor to pump up its production.

Trader Joes Gimbap. Photo: Imafoodblog
Trader Joes Gimbap (Imafoodblog)

Also, in the UK, supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco, and Sainsbury's have started rolling out their own version of gimbap, following a rise in interest relating to Korean food.

Sainsbury''s UK - Photo: Matthew Hooper
Sainsbury''s UK (Matthew Hooper)

In Korea, gimbap is often served as a quick meal for its bite-size pieces, affordable price, and easy access. The rice rolls were primarily reserved for picnics and school outings before gimbap franchises became popular.

For me, having lived in Korea for a while, gimbap has for sure become my go-to lunchtime food, as it is readily available, almost an Asian version of the British sandwich. Having traveled back to the UK recently, I noticed the amount of Korean food on the shelves, including gimbap which surprised me. The Korean wave in the UK and the US will have had an impact on people wanting to try Korean food. I believe that the gimbap introduction from UK supermarkets and Trader Joe's will be a great success!

Let us know in the comments if you have ever tried gimbap, and which type is your favorite!


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