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Kim Woo Bin Is A Badass Delivery Driver In Upcoming Dystopian Netflix Drama!

Kim Woo Bin is back and badder than ever as he stars in Netflix's new upcoming dystopian drama Black Knight! We break down the details of this much-anticipated action drama coming on May 12, 2023!

Back from almost a year on screen, Woo Bin is back with a new action thriller limited series (6 episodes) Black Knight.


Based on the webcomic series "Taekbaegisa”, Black Knight is set in the year 2071, where the air is so bad that it is impossible to live without a respirator due to extreme air pollution, only one percent of the population has survived and a strict social class exists. Citizens rarely leave their homes due to air pollution and heavily rely on parcel deliverymen, known as knights, to deliver their parcels and protect them from thieves.

Kim Woo Bin stars as Knight 5-8, a legendary courier who is also skilled in combat. He meets a refugee, Sa Wol (Kang You Seok Beyond Evil 2021), whose dream is to also become a knight. Seol Ah (Esom Taxi Driver 2021) is an officer at the Defense Intelligence Command. She takes Sa Wol in as her own as part of her family. Knight 5-8 and Seol Ah join together to help Sa Wol achieve his dream.

Take a look at this exciting trailer!

Not much information has been released about Black Knight. Make sure to follow us to keep updated on the latest K-dramas and K-pop news! Let us know if you're excited about this new series! We certainly are!



This will be in my drama liat for sure!!

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