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"King the Land" Reigns Number 1! Plus All The Hot Spots From The Drama You Must Visit!

How do you deal with an uptight rich snob who doesn't want to smile? You just get stranded on an island, get him drunk, and make him fall head over heels for you! JTBC's hot new romantic comedy King the Land continues to reign number one! Plus, we show you all the beautiful filming locations you must visit! Read on to find out!

Im Yoon Ah (left) and Lee Jun Ho star in the top romantic comedy series out now! (JTBC)
Im Yoon Ah (left) and Lee Jun Ho star in the top romantic comedy series out now! (JTBC)

After just four episodes, King the Land has reigned as the most-watched drama this summer! According to Nielsen Korea, each episode has secured the number one spot! In addition, episode four, the most recent episode, has garnered the most audience watched with a 9.645% viewership rating! With good reason, King the Land deserves to be one of the top-watched dramas this summer as it boasts amazing scenery from Jeju Island!


In the most recent episodes, our disjointed main characters, Cheon Sa Rang (Im Yoon Ah) and "princely" Goo Won (Lee Jun Ho), are stranded on a strange island called Gapado with an old scheming couple trying to rip off our leads as the "best hotel on Gapado". This week's episodes move the relationship even further when the two spend a night at this "best hotel" wearing flowery ahjumma (middle-aged women) clothing in a single room separated by a bed sheet.

We love the fact that after just three episodes, the leads are showing chemistry with each other! Goo Won finally expresses his emotions at the end of episode 3! The hilarious moments of Goo Won trying to get Sa Rang alone in episode 4 and after all his efforts, she turns him down.

Location Location Location!

With the help of our new partnership with Kdramalocation, we are able to provide you with the most memorable locations of key drama scenes from the most popular K-dramas!

We even found the location of this "best hotel on Gapado"!

If you're curious about the sunset view scene where Sa Rang interviews Goo Won about his mother, which we think his stepmother is behind, we found that location as well!

There were so many beautiful and romantic scenes during the last episode that we couldn't wait to share them with you! Another "hot scene" was when Sa Rang and Goo Won are on their photoshoot, and making the "princely" Goo Won smile was the task at hand. Although he didn't "want to", the scenery so was beautiful to go unnoticed!

If you're wondering where the King Hotel is filmed at, it is at the Grand Hyatt Seoul! There were numerous other scenes that we found locations for! Make sure to follow @Kdramalocation on Instagram to follow along!

Let us know which other K-drama locations you're curious about in the comments below! We'll do our best to give you the most accurate and most talked about locations for your next visit to South Korea!


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