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Watch Yoona Speak Perfect English In Hilarious "King the Land" Premiere!

Witty, hilarious, and full of misunderstandings JTBC's romantic comedy premiere of King the Land has reached the number one spot in viewership ratings! With good reason, the romcom starring Im Yoona and 2 PM's Lee Jun Ho has us glued to the screen! Let's break down why it's a must-watch!

Im Yoona stars as Cheon Sa Rang, a hard-working hotel employee, in "King the Land" (JTBC)
Im Yoona stars as Cheon Sa Rang, a hard-working hotel employee, in "King the Land" (JTBC)

Parachuting from a private jet on his first day as an intern, the heir to luxury hotel conglomerate King Group, Goo Won (Lee Jun Ho The Red Sleeve 2021), is a sight to behold. Calm, cocky, and full of confidence, Goo Won fails on his first day on the job. Not sure if running his family's luxury hotel chain is for him, he takes some time to figure out his next move as a guest at King Hotel.

2PM's Lee Jun Ho stars as Goo Won, heir to King Group. (JTBC)
2 PM's Lee Jun Ho stars as Goo Won, heir to King Group. (JTBC)

Cheon Sa Rang (Yoona Big Mouth 2022) has a bright personality and smile. She begins working at King Hotel from the bottom. Her best memories from childhood are at that hotel so she tries her best at work. As she navigates her way through office politics, she begins to grow as a person and ends up meeting Goo Won by accident. The two develop a relationship and romance ensues!

Yoona speaking perfect English!

Koreans love speaking English! They'll send their kids to English academies after school to perfect their speaking. But no matter how much money and effort Korean parents throw at academies to have their kids speak English like natives, nothing beats a Korean person sounding like a native English speaker.

Yoon demonstrated her English skills by proving to her boss, King Group's oldest daughter, Goo Hwa Ran (Kim Sun Young), that she belongs at King Hotel! Take a look at her scene!

Flustered and irritated, her jealous supervisor, Kim Su Mi (Kong Ye Ji My Liberation Notes 2022), grills her language skills in the employee office. Sa Rang keeps her cool and then proceeds to speak Chinese and Japanese to prove that she belongs at the front desk!

Most K-pop fans know that Yoona is the queen of speaking multiple languages and we applaud her efforts in continuing to master her skills in other languages!

We have high hopes for this promising drama as we look for Yoona and Lee Jun Ho to entertain us in more ways than one! Let us know if you enjoyed the premiere as much as we did!

King the Land airs every Saturday and Sunday on JTBC and streams on Netflix and TVING in South Korea at 22:30 KST.


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