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Korea's most popular alcohol is going global! Also, we teach you how to drink it!

Soju is South Korea's most popular alcoholic drink! From plain to grapefruit and blueberry, this national beverage has many flavors in between! We take a look at why soju is taking over the globe and how to properly drink it (the Korean way)!

Korean Sochus - Photo:
Korean Sojus (Photo:

Now, in Asia soju is very popular, especially in its native Korea. Though recently, it has become popular in other countries too, often showcasing their unique flavor. I recently travelled to Japan and noticed various flavors of Soju on the shelves, as well as UK supermarkets also selling it!

Soju often has little to no flavor, though you can buy flavors such as grapefruit, plum, and orange. These can also be mixed into cocktails, due to their lower alcohol content, which makes them a perfect addition.

Korean Sochu and beer. Photo: Lewis Hooper
Korean soju and beer also known as "So-Maek" (Photo: Lewis Hooper)

Koreans often drink soju with beer (also called "So-Maek", 소맥), though often it is drinking neat, which for sure will leave you feeling the effects the day after. The alcohol content is around 12 percent, which makes it a light enough drink to enjoy alone or with friends, especially when you have a BBQ like in the picture above, which is also one of my favorite meals!

There are different brands of soju, though Jinro is paving the way by exporting it to many countries around the world, especially the UK, where a bottle will set you back around £6 (US 7.60), which is a lot more expensive than in Korea, where a bottle will set you back around 2,200 won (£1.80 or US 2.29). Of course, other brands of soju have not left the Korean shore, but I am sure that this will change with the ever-growing trend and popularity of Korean products worldwide.

South Korea, is known for its heavy drinking culture, and soju can be seen as a watered-down version of vodka, as it is around half its strength. From this, it is also a healthier option as it has zero carbohydrates and is made from natural ingredients.

With the Korean wave, it is only natural that Soju will have its place being exported to different countries. Also, as more Koreans travel abroad their favorite products will follow them!

Drinking in Korea is for sure very popular, and Korea has one of the highest alcohol consumption rates in the world! For me, adapting to the Korean drink culture was easy, and I have to say that the fresh flavor of soju is my favorite, as it goes well with most food and leaves me feeling not too hungover, unlike the flavored ones.

Jinro Fresh Sochu. Photo:
Jinro Fresh Soju (Photo:

Even K-pop idols like Jay Park have even launched their soju brand! And of course, soju is found in almost EVERY K-drama!

Let us know in the comments below if soju is sold in your country, and what is your favorite flavor!


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