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[Korean Fridays] Classroom fun with the #1 animated series "Jadoo"!

Enhance your understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and cultural aspects in the Korean language while immersing yourself in an animated series!

Jadoo, a beloved animated kids series, offers a fun and engaging way to learn Korean! It not only entertains with its storyline but also teaches language and culture, benefiting both beginners and intermediate learners.

In this article, we revisit the idea of using the South Korean animated series Jadoo as a resource for learning the Korean language. This engaging method allows learners to immerse themselves in the language by listening to conversations, solving questions, and practicing pronunciation, ultimately enhancing their grammar, vocabulary, and cultural understanding. So, step into the wonderful world of Jadoo and let your Korean learning adventure begin!


Scene 1:

👩‍🏫 : 날씨 진짜 좋다~

👩‍🏫 : The weather's so nice.

👩‍🏫 : 아이들하고 야외수업이라도 나갈까~?

👩‍🏫 : Maybe I should take the kids outside.

Answer 1:

2) 밖

Answer 2:

1) 날씨가 좋았어요.

Answer 3:

1) 날씨가 맑았어요.

Scene 2:

👱 : 민지야, 어제 빌려준 산수공책 돌려줄래?

👱 : Minji, can I have my math notebook back?

👩 : 응? 어머, 깜빡했다!

👩 : Huh? Oh, I forgot it!

Answer 1:

B) 수학 공책

Answer 2:

B) 그녀는 그것을 잊어버렸다고 말했다.

Scene 3:

👩‍🏫 : 오늘은~ 지난주에 내준 조별 과제에 대해

👩‍🏫 : You are going to do presentations on

👩‍🏫: 여러분끼리 토론을 거친 후, 발표를 해볼 거예요.

👩‍🏫: the group project I assigned you last week.

👩‍🏫 : 어떤 훌륭한 발명품을 가져왔을까?

👩‍🏫 : What kind of inventions did you come up with?

👩‍🏫 : 정말 기대 되는데요~?

👩‍🏫 : I'm so excited.

Answer 1:

A. Group project

Answer 2:

C. Do a presentation

Answer 3:

D. What kind of inventions they came up with

Answer 4:

B. Excited

Scene 4:

자두야~ 집에 있니~~?

Jadoo, are you home?



👩우리 놀러갈 건데 같이 가자~

👩We're going to go have fun. Join us

👧🏻어디로 갈 건데?

👧🏻Where are you going?

밤따러 가자!

Let's go and pick chestnuts!

홍, 그거야 네 생각이고.

Ha! That's what you think.

그냥 우리 집에 가서 오락하고 맛있는 것도 먹고 그러자.

Let's go to my house and eat and play video games.

것보단, 난 밤 따러 갈래.

Actually, I want to go chestnut picking.

Answer 1:

B. 밤따러

Answer 2:

B. 밤 따러 가기

Answer 3:

A. 집에 가서 오락하고 맛있는 것도 먹기

By engaging in conversations and addressing questions to enhance your understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and cultural intricacies, while also practicing pronunciation, you can significantly advance your overall language proficiency. What have you learned today? Have you responded accurately to all queries? Please share your insights in the comments section below!


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