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5 Fantasy Boys On The Verge Of Going Home!

The last episode of Fantasy Boys showcased many issues behind each group's cohesion before their performance. Fans got to see their favorite fantasy boy's real characteristics and vote on their final visual performance as their "Fantasy Makers"! We break down the 5 Fantasy Boys with the most to lose after episode four!

In order from the least risky to the most serious.

5. Yoo Jun Won

Jun Won struggled with the "Avenger Boys", Deja Vu, as the top group of the show. Not the best visuals or strongest in singing, Jun Won didn't get any of the singing parts that he originally wanted. At the end of the week, Jun Won managed to improve his rapping skills and came away with four in the Fantasy Makers voting!

We anticipate that as long as Jun Won continues with his strong work ethic, he will not have any problems staying on the show!

4. Hikari

Hikari had a tough week as he premiered with the group Crown. During the week, he struggled with his singing skills but practiced non-stop. He actually turned out to be an excellent singer during their Fantasy Maker performance!

We think that Hikari also has a good shot to stay on the show as he continues working hard on certain weaknesses such as his singing.

3. Kim Gyu Rae

Gyu Rae had an emotional week which started roughly when he was given singing parts. He is a rapper first, and young, so adjusting to changes took some time as he practiced hard during the week! He killed it in the Fantasy Makers performance and missed first place by just two votes!

We think that Gyo Rae has an excellent shot at staying on the show since he is so popular with the fans. As he continues to mature and grow as a performer, he will mentally get stronger and also take criticism better!

2. Kaedan

Coming from the United States, Kaedan struggled with many issues including communication with his teammates. Being only 14 years old, Kaedan has a lot of maturing to go. Not fighting for parts in the song hurt him and also not taking the time to learn Korean also hurt his chances of being on the show.

We think that Kaedan's attitude is the main reason that he might go home. His unwillingness to participate and learn Korean could hurt his chances of bonding with the rest of the boys and his career in Korea. What do you think?

1. Yaya

Yaya showed the most concern this week with his inability to learn the choreography. His Korean pronunciation and speaking also hurt his chances of staying on the show. Yaya's facial expressions during the Fantasy Makers performance were lacking and unimpressive. Fellow countryman, Santa, also struggled to perform up to the "Korean audience's" expectations and dropped in the final visual votes.

We expect Yaya will be one of the first boys to go home although being one of the most popular at the beginning of the show.

Let us know if you agree with our list and our reasons! Who do you think will be the first to leave the show next episode? Please share your thoughts in the comments!


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