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Lone Spotlight: A Solo Celebration for Fifty-Fifty Member Keena Beyond Courtroom Shadows

FIFTY FIFTY Cupid Promotion
FIFTY FIFTY Cupid Promotion

A lot of the responses we see regarding Fifty Fifty these days appear like so:

1. "Oh no, I can't believe it" - Fans in shock that the group disbanded

2. "Omg. What happened?" - People who had no idea what had been going on

3. "Who are they?" - People who didn't even get a chance to experience their talent

It's a bit of a shame that their promising career as a group ended without much success and the only thing K-Pop fans have to show for it I fear is "Cupid".

FIFTY FIFTY Cupid Official MV

Keena, the last remaining member of the group celebrated their one-year anniversary alone and showed up to BBMAs alone this year also. It's seemingly looking a little gloomy, but we're hoping they all find the light at the end of the tunnel once the dust from the court case battle settles.

Legal Battle

If you are number 2 or 3 of the above responses, let us fill you in. Fifty Fifty was a four-member K-Pop girl group that debuted in 2022, under the agency ATTRAKT (어트랙트) Long story short the group sued ATTRAKT, saying that they were mistreated, not paid on time, and overall had a hostile work environment. Since losing the court case against ATTRAKT, ATTRAKT announced that they terminated their contracts with three of the members Aran, Sio, and Saena because they had “slandered and defamed the agency” and that they were seeking to break their contracts anyway.


Keena, the last remaining member of FIFTY FIFTY celebrated their one-year anniversary by apologizing to fans:

Keena's Apology Letter to Hunnies
Keena's Apology Letter to Hunnies on FIFTY FIFTY's 1st Anniversary

"I'm cautious as to how to start this since I'm addressing my fans, Hunnies, for the first time in a while, but I'm plucking up my courage to speak out my honest thoughts. First of all, I'm sorry to Hunnies who have gone through a hard time due to my indiscreet actions and I am thankful to them for enduring through this indefinite period for me, I can't believe that it's our first anniversary. I've learnt, experienced, and matured a lot in the past year. It was my memories with Hunnies that pulled me up every moment. I promise to make you guys happy again as Keena of Fifty Fifty with good performances and music." - Keena


She also attended the Billboard Music Awards this year! Pictures below:

Here's an interview with Keena the BBMAs:

She's so sweet and cute! We love it! We think she was a little nervous but so confident too! Go Keena!

Billboard Interview - Keena

Here's Keena giving a little greeting after arriving at LAX:

Keena's LAX Greeting

We are hoping for wonderful things to come along for Keena and the other members! Hopefully, they can find some peace of mind and continue to share their talent with the world! What do you think about FIFTY FIFTY? Are you a Hunnie? Comment below!


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