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Meet the first K-pop group with hearing impairment, Big Ocean!

With much negative energy pointing toward the K-pop industry right now, it is refreshing to hear that there are K-pop groups out there willing to change that landscape. Let's meet Big Ocean, the first hearing-impaired K-pop group that recently made their debut!

Making their first television debut on April 20, 2024, on MBC Kpop's "Show! MusicCore", Big Ocean performed their new remake single "Glow" from H.O.T. in front of a live studio audience and dazzled everyone with their energy, smooth choreography and singing, and "pure" innocent vibes! Take a look!

Formed under PARASTAR ENTERTAINMENT the trio consists of Park Hyunjin (Main vocalist, who developed hearing loss as a child), Lee Chanyeon (Main rapper, also lost his hearing due to a high fever when he was young), and Kim Jiseok (Main dancer and maknae, he was born with a hearing impairment). Their official fan color is Turquoise since it represents the calmness of the ocean.

It is important to point out that PARASTAR ENTERTAINMENT is under PARASTAR Organization, a company that turns the disabled into abled. They also represent physically disabled athletes and actors in their repertoire.

Learn more about Big Ocean through this amazing interview from KOREA NOW!

It is very interesting to learn about how Big Ocean's different hearing abilities affected their training and dance timing in terms of the choreography. What started as a seven-member group has resulted in a trio speaks volumes to how hard these three have worked to get to this moment!

Big Ocean's challenges are even more amplified as they have to memorize the exact start and end of the song since they cannot fully hear the music while performing. They also incorporate sign language in their performances to further understand the meaning behind the lyrics.

So let's cheer on Big Ocean and their hard work to debut! Let us know your thoughts about this amazing new K-pop group and whether you'll be following them! Comment below!


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