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"We can't help, but be attracted, like 'Magnetic'"! — The secret to ILLIT's successful debut!

Fans can't help but be amazed at HYBE's newest girl group ILLIT's tremendously successful debut! We break down the secret to ILLIT's success and why fans are attracted to them, "like magnetic"!

Raking in over 10 million views on their debut single "Magnetic" ILLIT seems to be following the footsteps of their "older sisters" NewJeans! Also, becoming the first group to break the record for a debut album "Super Real Me" in sales for the first week has surpassed 380,000 copies! Let's check out the charms from the members of ILLIT and what makes them "magnetic" to fans!

Wonhee is a K-pop prodigy!

No one expected Wonhee to win first place in the reality show "R U Next?" produced by HYBE's BELIFT Lab and JTBC. While training for the show, it was revealed that Wonhee had only been a trainee for a week and a day! Wonhee hadn't even thought about becoming an idol! When asked on social media to debut as an idol, she responded, "How could I possibly become an idol?" Later, she was street-casted by HYBE using NewJeans' "Hype Boy" in her audition! Perhaps because of her short training as a trainee, many criticized her lack of skills in the survival program. But due to her hard work and charm, Wonhee had the last laugh!

In the M/V of "Magnetic" Wonhee can be seen as the focal point of the group showing off her skill and charm as the center member! She really is a K-pop prodigy!

Minju had YG training before her debut!

Before appearing in "R U Next?", Minju was a trainee at YG Entertainment. She demonstrated great vocals and had clean and stable dance skills that catapulted her to capturing third place in the program! Minju stated that she loves singing and it helps her lose track of time. She was a trainee for five years before debuting with ILLIT.

Former JYP trainee Iroha!

Despite being the youngest member of ILLIT, Iroha impressed everyone with her dancing skills since she started as a JYP trainee at the age of 11! She also spent a total of 5 years as a trainee, including her time at HYBE.

On the verge of going home, Yunah defied all odds!

After finishing 7th on "R U Next?" many viewers thought Yunah would be eliminated. But because of her charm and exceptional skills which earned her 2nd place during HYBE's monthly evaluations, HYBE decided to let her debut with ILLIT!

Stable live vocals Moka

Finishing 8th on "R U Next?" Moka didn't make the debut group lineup, but HYBE decided to choose her anyway because of her tremendous control of her voice and her ability to dance cleanly with good strength control! Like Iroha, Moka has a great stage presence. We can all thank Moka's mom, who is a huge K-pop fan in Japan and encouraged her daughter to follow her dreams!

"Magnetic" is "addictive"

So why has ILLIT received so much success and why is their hit single "Magnetic" grabbing everyone's attention? After listening to "Magnetic" you'll notice how catchy the chorus is. It also contains a lot of "magnetic" lyrics such as "attracted", "pulled", and "attached". The M/V also hints that each member has a special power hinting that perhaps there might be a bigger story and universe behind the group!

So what are your thoughts about ILLIT's debut "Magnetic"? Is it on your playlist yet? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know who your favorite member is!


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