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Netflix Releases Intense Trailer for D.P. 2! We Break Down What to Expect!

After a stunning ending in season one, Netflix is back with the much-anticipated military action drama D.P. Season 2! After a very short season one (6 episodes), fans are salivating for a more Jung Hae In and Koo Gyo Hwan relationship as the two military police officers catch deserters in the intense season 2 trailer! We break down what to expect in the upcoming new season!

Koo Gyo Hwan (left) and Jung Hae In star as two military officers that catch military deserters in D.P. 2 (Netflix)
Koo Gyo Hwan (left) and Jung Hae In star as two military officers that catch military deserters in D.P. 2 (Netflix)

In an intense, breath-holding trailer, Netflix dropped a huge announcement on June 27, 2023, as fans eagerly awaited the much-anticipated military drama! The new season showcased even more energy and psychological stress that many Korean many have to endure when faced with mandatory military service.

Our Expectations

We don't expect the storyline to deviate much from the first season since the main focus of the two main characters is military police. Their job is to retrieve military enlisted deserters and bring them back to their designated military stations. But, we do anticipate that there will be more interesting challenges that the duo will face when trying to capture the runaways!

More bullying and violence are expected in season 2 as the trailer indicates one soldier being beaten by fellow soldiers and exploding in an emotional rage. We hope that the relationship between An Jun Ho (Jung Hae In) and Han Ho Yeol (Koo Gyo Hwan) will deepen and we look forward to more brotherly bantering for comedic relief!

D.P. Season 2 is scheduled to be released for streaming on Netflix on July 28, 2023. Follow us keep up to date on this exciting drama!

Let us know if you're as excited as us for D.P. Season 2! What are your expectations for the new season? Comment below!


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