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Netizens Applaud ADOR After Seeing NewJeans' Healthy Comeback!

With the spotlight on K-pop idol treatment on IVE's Wonyoung's arm injury, fans are seriously questioning whether K-pop companies are taking responsibility for the health and welfare of their idols. NewJeans amazing comeback with their second EP "Get Up", fans are complementing ADOR on their treatment of the girls! Let's take a look!

NewJeans poses for a selfie (taken from Pinterest)
NewJeans poses for a selfie (taken from Pinterest)

K-pop idols are known to have hectic schedules during their comebacks including live recorded performances, fan signings, pop-ups, and regular television appearances. According to NewJeans Blog, a fan-runned account, NewJeans comeback schedule looks like the girls are getting adequat rest in between their events!

Here is their schedule released on July 16, 2023:

Friday - Comeback

Saturday - Hanni exercised in the evening

Monday - Rest (Minji had 10-12 hours of sleep)

Wednesday - Afternoon dance practice

Thursday - Afternoon lesson

Friday - Music Bank, afterwards Danielle fell into a deep sleep

Saturday - Rest (Minji and Hyein had a live call at 12:00 pm) Danielle organized her closet and bag.

Sunday - Inkigayo

NewJeans performs "Super Shy" at Inkigayo 230716 (SBS)
NewJeans performs "Super Shy" at Inkigayo 230716 (SBS)

Fans applaud ADOR!

Fans have praised ADOR's CEO Min Hee Jin for her treatment of NewJeans. Many fans have accredited her management of NewJeans due to her educational background (she attended Seoul Women's University) and experience with working in branding with girl groups.

Here's what they had to say!

"They seem to have the best idol care!"

"This is the first time seeing a company care for their idols to this level!"

"They're good at looking after their idols but I also like how they consistently give them lessons as well."

"I like this...It has to be like this for the mental care of idols to get better."

"It really seems like Min Hee Jin CEO is raising them with a lot of love, I'm so jealous of this relationship....All the other companies should watch and learn!!"

NewJeans also releases a lot of behind-the-scenes video of their members daily lives to it also helps with the transparency with their fans. They continually remind fans who is always number one in their hearts!

We love to hear this positive news after hearing so many poor management practices by other entertainment companies. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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