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NewJeans' Danielle To Be New Ambassador of Yves Saint Laurent Beauty!

March 13, 2023 - Vogue Korea shared a post on Twitter and Instagram stating that NewJeans' Danielle is named the new ambassador for Saint Laurent Beauty! Vogue Korea announced that Danielle will be representing the beauty products as "the rising star and icon of the MZ generation."

In addition to the announcement, the Korean fashion magazine also showed Danielle holding the new YSL Candy Glaze lipstick for the new promotion.

Meanwhile, the Australian K-pop star is also the global ambassador for Burberry earlier last month. She is the third member of the NewJeans to sign with a luxury brand.

Danielle posing at a YSL Beauty event (OSEN)
Danielle posing at a YSL Beauty event (OSEN)

Check out these stunning pictures from Vogue Korea of the new ambassador!

Let us know if you're excited about this news! Will you be using Danielle's new lipstick?

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Feran Nova
Feran Nova
May 16, 2023

pretty sure she was born to be a model. my cutie danielle <3

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