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5 K-pop Songs You Need To Add Back 2 School!

March is the start of the Korean school year! Let's quickly run through some amazing K-pop songs that definitely put us in the school mood and motivate students throughout the school year!

1. "Ditto" NewJeans

This song is giving back 2 school vibes and is the motivation we need to begin the new year!

2. "After School" Weeekly

Not every student can wait for school to end and it is okay! Let's vibe with this song as the session begins as we plan our after school activities. It could be hanging out with friends , going to the gym, seeing the movies with the parents or taking extra classes!

Please share with us how you spend your time after classes!

3. "Attention" NewJeans

Every student wants attention as a new year begins, but this track gives us girl group vibes at a university campus!

Let's go shopping for the best outfit and makeup as we look stellar for the upcoming year!

4. "Goodbye" Juho

We all have that guy in school that we don't want to say "Goodbye" to because of the bond we shared. This emotional song reminds us of that one friend or lover that won't be with us, but will be with us in our hearts.

5. "Don't Know What To Do" Blackpink

We were getting that high school ballet dance moves from the video of this song. So we decided to make this a must listen! Enjoy!

What is your go-to K-pop school playlist? Share it below!

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I miss after school era :(

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