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"ORION'S FIRST ORBIT": Anniversary Cupsleeve Event!

The "ORION'S FIRST ORBIT" event is scheduled for November 18th, 2023, and will

take place from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. It's set in the heart of Quezon City, Metro

Manila, at the Black Scoop Cafe - Terraces, adds an inviting atmosphere to the

celebration! Read on to find out the exciting details!

On-Site and Virtual Participation:

What sets this event apart is its inclusivity. ORION recognizes that not all fans can

attend in person, so we're offering both on-site and virtual participation options. This

way, no matter where you are in the world, you can join in on the festivities. Check

the official invite above both in English & Korean (virtual event only)

To make the experience even more special, attendees are encouraged to purchase

the CSE Kit. This kit, priced at P170.00, includes a host of exclusive items such as

photo cards, event tickets with raffle entries, a cup sleeve, a hand banner, an invite

on-site participants) or a box (for virtual attendees). The kit is a must-have for fans

looking to commemorate the event

This event promises to be a unique opportunity for fans to delve into HORI7ON

Kyler's journey through different eras of his life, tracing his path from who he was

before becoming the global icon we know today. A captivating photo gallery featuring

exclusive and never-before-seen photos will be featured, showcasing the eight

brightest stars of the constellation of Orion.

Live performances by special guests are set to captivate attendees, adding an extra

layer of excitement to the event! Notably, celebrities and individuals who are close to

HORI7ON Kyler has also been invited to join the celebration!

For those who love to collect merchandise, different booths will be set up on-site,

offering a range of freebies and on-sale Orions merchandise. Expect to find unique

items to add to your collection and show your support for HORI7ON Kyler.

And that's not all; attendees can look forward to various exciting giveaways and

surprises throughout the event, making it a day filled with not only joy but also

thrilling moments!to


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