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Our Theory On "Pandora: Beneath the Paradise's" Astonishing Finale!

Hold on to your hats K-drama fans! tvN's Pandora: Beneath the Paradise ends with a wild twist as it captures the number one spot! We break down what actually happened to sort out any confusion! Let's take a look at what happened in the finale!


Just when you thought the ending was nicely wrapped and ready to be sent off in a neat fashion, "bang!" Pandora hits us with another surprise ending! When all hope is lost, we thought Pyo Jae Hyun (Lee Sang Yoon) would quietly accept his fate as the odds were stacked against him with prison time and the loss of a presidency. As the cast literally was playing mind games with him by installing a chip in his head to make him think he was reliving hell over and over, an accident led by Min Young Hwi (Jang Do Jin's mother), lets him escape the lab that he was being held captive.

Jae Hyun rushes over to the townhouse where Go Hae Soo (Jang Hee Jin) is helping Tae Ra (Lee Ji Ah) pack for a new life in Switzerland. He takes her captive and uses her as bait to lure Tae Ra back into his life. As they meet by the beach where Jae Hyun rescued Tae Ra years ago and made her into "Hong Tae Ra", a mannequin dressed as Hae Soo is seated strapped to a chair with a bomb stuck to it. Tae Ra doing everything she can to save her best friend is lured into the trap and ends up with the gun she carried to her head. Held by her maniacal husband! As Jae Hyun threatens to take Tae Ra's life, he actually ends up shooting himself in the head and falls off the cliff!

A few years later, we see Tae Ra and her daughter living in Switzerland. A sudden knock on the door reveals that the visitor is Jang Gyo Jin! But we know that Gyo Jin's face was covered with burn marks since the explosion so that alerted us that something was suspicious! As Tae Ra leads Gyo Jin to the bedroom to unpack his things, she forgets that he needs a towel and retrieves one. As she opens the door to the bedroom, she catches a glimpse of Gyo Jin's back covered in thunder scars, just like Jae Hyun's back she saw earlier in the season!

That's when everything made sense and here is our theory!

We think that the gun Jae Hyun shot himself with was a blank and he fell off the cliff on purpose to make everyone think that he "died". But in fact, he took a couple of years to do facial reconstructive surgery to look like Gyo Jin, without the scars. Since Jae Hyun said that he would do anything to be in Tae Ra's life, this all makes sense! And now, Tae Ra is stuck in the same house as her ex-husband! Wow!

What a dramatic and crazy ending! We loved the twist that this drama decided to go with! Let us know your thoughts and your theories on what happened in the finale!


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