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P1Harmony's "U1TOPIA" Tour Has Officially Kicked Off! We got all the details!

FNC's globally sensational 6-member boy group P1Harmony has officially started their third world tour [P1ustage H: U1TOPIA]. Spanning across 12 cities, the tour has P1ece (including me) excited to be a part of the group's new journey. The tour was met with much excitement and anticipation despite its quick turnaround. After the success of their first full-length album, 때깔 (Killin’ It), where the boys got their first music show win, the tour hype is even bigger! With more fans joining the fandom, tickets had no problem being sold (but they never have!)

For this tour, fans can expect to see new music from the album, and maybe even some older songs brought back! Since the last tour, P1Harmony has been very openly excited about seeing their fans again with more music and even better creativity. Along with the new album's music, P1ece are excited to hopefully see the "tour" version of their single "Fall In Love Again" released last year. Needless to say, even if you aren't a P1ece, this tour is worth checking out!

Are you excited for P1Harmony's tour? Let us know in the comments and check out Dojeon Media's concert survival kit here!



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