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Why K-pop Concert Culture in America Is The Best Experience!

As an American K-pop stan who frequently enjoys concerts, the amazing music is only half of the fun. You may be wondering why so many fans love and enjoy shows in our country and we share some of our favorite reasons! The factors that go into concert culture are similar everywhere so these fun experiences may be yours as well! Let's see how we can make the most out of your K-pop concert experience!

The Outfits

Creating the perfect outfit for a concert is the first step in an amazing concert experience! A lot of fans use concerts to express their sense of style and even finally enjoy dressing different from how they do on a daily basis. It's always so exciting to see the eye-catching outfits and get inspiration from them. Also, fans are known to recreate their favorite artists' outfits and the process of becoming more creative is a huge plus! Don't expect to come to a concert and see the same aesthetic!

Making Friends

While K-pop fans mostly go to concerts with friend groups, sometimes that is not always the case. Twitter and other social platforms have served as great ways to connect to others who enjoy the same artists. Concerts can be a great meeting place for friends made on said platforms, However, some people may go to concerts without friends or friends to meet. Once at the concert people flying solo can make new friends as so many fans are extroverted and open to giving you company. So regardless of whether you came alone or not you never feel lonely!

Dancing and Singing

Last but certainly the most important part of concert culture is enjoying yourself to the fullest! This can't be done without letting loose to your favorite music being blasted and sung live. Concerts have always been a great place to leave your worries and enjoy the moment. Nobody judges you for jumping around and having fun. The artist have also proven they enjoy the love and support they feel from fans enjoying the experience of a show they work hard on, so never feel bad about screaming lyrics to the top of your lungs and recreating all the dance moves you know!

What are your favorite parts about going to a K-pop concert? Check out Dojeon's K-pop Concert Survival Kit here!


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