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Purple Heart Returns to the Philippines for the Launch of Her Original Song "Halabira"!

"Halabira" is a song blending of English, Filipino, and Korean languages and represents a powerful anthem of determination and resilience, encouraging its listeners to pursue their dreams and never give up — which is also Purple Heart's way of chasing her dreams of being internationally recognized.

Her songs are being recognized on FOX NEWS USA and have debuted on WISH USA.

(WISH USA Performance)

The song's debut performance was launched in the US through Wish USA. To celebrate this milestone with her fellow Filipino aspiring performers, Jonbudz Music and Lenteng Inocente Productions even launched "K-pop Dreamer The Grand Finale".

In this event, 3 Filipino Kpop Cover Groups created their original choreography to PurpleHeart's song "HALABIRA". The winning group will win P 50,000 plus a chance to be part of the official music video of "HALABIRA" with PURPLEHEART!

Surprise guests will also be performing at the event. Purple Heart's "Halabira" song launch will be on April 14, 2024, at the Valenzuela People's Park Amphitheater.

Tickets are priced at Php 300.00 for General Admission and Php 500.00 for VIP Pass. Secure your tickets through now!


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