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Raw, Unfiltered, Agust D Tackles His Inner Demons in "AMYGDALA"

Agust D aka SUGA from K-pop supergroup BTS has gone to the dark side! He shares his painful past vulnerable side in his latest music video "AMYGDALA". Let's unveil the skeletons in SUGA's closet and see how he was able to overcome them!

Self-harm and suicide are the underlying tones in Agust D's new music video "AMYGDALA" which dropped on April 25, 2023. The video has already amassed an astounding 4.4 million views in just 24 hours! For those who don't know what the amygdala is, it is the "primary role in the processing of memory, decision making, and emotional responses (including fear, anxiety, and aggression)". The song's constant theme revolving around this part of human emotion is strong and aggressive.

From his father's battle with liver cancer to his accident while he was working, SUGA spills his heartfelt pain from his past as he reveals he had trouble processing everything that happened to him. He considered hurting himself and taking pills to numb the pain, as depicted in the music video.

Many fans are praising SUGA for his transparency and for living up to his decisions!

Fans can attest that SUGA has finally overcome his demons and is on the path to loving himself as one fan posted this!

We are so grateful to Agust D for sharing his difficult past with the rest of the K-pop world! Finally, someone who has the confidence to show that not all K-pop idols live in a perfect world and that some come from a painful past!

Let us know your thoughts about Agust D's new single! What do you think?


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