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"Revenant" Comes To A Satisfying End While Kim Tae Ri Continues To Slay!

The supernatural mystery horror ghost drama Revenant finishes in satisfying fashion as Kim Tae Ri displays her acting skills as one of the elite in K-drama! We break down why we found this drama a must-watch this summer!

Kim Tae Ri as possessed girl Gu San Yeong in "Revenant" (SBS TV)
Kim Tae Ri as possessed girl Gu San Yeong in "Revenant" (SBS TV)


Only in her third leading television drama in her career (she has been cast in numerous lead roles in movies) Kim Tae Ri (Twenty-Five Twenty-One 2022) faces her most challenging role yet as the ghost-possessed Gu San Yeong in her latest drama! Having to act as multiple characters in this drama has vaulted her skills to the top as we see tons of emotional anguish and resentment as a vengeful ghost towards those who have mistreated her in the past. At the same time, Gu San Yeong is a victim of being possessed by this vengeful ghost as we see towards the end of the drama.

Why you must watch Revenant!

With gripping scenes from every episode, Revenant is a slow-burn style horror story that will have you on the edge of your seat as it promises to bring you to a climax with anticipation at the end of each episode! The amazing storyline and plot make you think you have it all figured out until it throws you another curve ball, making you question if what you've just seen is true. Not in a confusing way, but more of an "aha!" moment happens multiple times throughout the story as spiritual and mythological Professor Yeom Hae Sang (Oh Jung Se It's Okay to Not Be Okay 2020), Gu San Yeong, and violent crimes detective Lee Hong Sae (Hong Kyung Weak Hero Class One 2021) team up to capture the vengeful ghost.

Kim Tae Ri is elite!

We've mentioned in a previous article why Kim Tae Ri is must-see tv and with good reason! Her acting in Revenant is so focused and true to the character's personality that it is night and day when she is possessed and when she is back to her normal self! It is often difficult to find an actress who can carry an entire drama by solely using her character's personality, but Kim Tae Ri has been able to do it with this drama. We can feel her pain and suffering as she is confronted by problem after problem, from her untrustworthy relationship with her mother to finding out her family's history with haunted ghosts, she does an amazing job of showing everyone her elite acting skills!

Let us know what you thought about Revenant! Would you recommend it to your friends? Let us know in the comments below!


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