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RIIZE to make a comeback on June 17 with title track "Boom Boom Bass"

RIIZE is making a comeback on June 17 with its new title track "Boom Boom Bass". Let's dive into the details of this exciting news!


RIIZE's new album, "RIIZING", will include a total of eight songs, which will include the title track "Boom Boom Bass" and songs very appreciated previously released such as "Siren", "Impossible", "9 Days", "Honestly", "One Kiss", "Talk Saxy" and "Love 119". From these names, we get a sense of "break up" and "change in dynamic" from the band, so it will be interesting to hear the full lyrics when the singles are released.

The return of RIIZE is imminent! And about time too! Their mini-album has been highly sought after and anticipated by their fans, and we hope that this new album takes the K-pop band to new heights both domestically in Korea and on an international level!

Check out the trailer on the link below!

From their teaser video, we can see that the band has grown up, and found what they are good at. The lyrics though in Japanese touched us, with the backdrop of the snow and mountains, and it just created this overall sense of fun, as if we got to see the "real" band.

Since April, RIIZE has themed all their activities around "HUSTLE" on the "Realtime Odyssey" timeline, expressing their determination to boldly pursue their next goals. Following the prologue single "Impossible", they began preparing for the album. They embarked on their first fan-con tour simultaneously, which should lead to great success and opportunity for the band.

The timeline also revealed major schedules for September, which we think is great timing for the band, as it's just after the summer hype, so it's a good time for the band to release music and tour. After completing their fan-con tour in ten locations worldwide, RIIZE will commemorate their debut's first anniversary with a finale fan-con event at the Seoul KSPO Dome.

Pre-orders for RIIZE's first mini-album "RIIZING" are now available at various online and offline record stores from May 20th, 2024!

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