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"Singles Inferno 3" OR Holiday Friendship Island? [Delayed Updates!] PART 2

If you haven't read Part 1 - this is the follow-up! This article was written up till episode 9! A little retrospective for ya!

 Singles Inferno 3 - Hye Son
Singles Inferno 3 - Hye Seon

Singles Inferno 3 - Min Woo

Min Woo - we are hoping that the relationship with Si Eun will bloom a little more but after his date with Gyu Ri we are not sure. Min Woo still seems to have his eyes on Si Eun but it seems a little cloudy after his date with Gyu Ri who has been a little back and forth with Min Woo as well!

Singles Inferno 3 - Si Eun

Si Eun - aside from the girls' ridiculous comments about their appearances, in terms of heart, Si Eun's feelings for Min Woo seem to be the purest that we can see on the show. Their romance developed quite naturally and their conversation and vibe together are so calm and blissful, we thought that these two had great potential as a couple and we are hoping that they will get a chance to blossom a little more without Gyu Ri in the middle of it.

Singles Inferno 3 - Won Ik

Won Ik - honestly, is it just us or does he look a little like V from BTS? Won Ik seems lovely, he's just a little quiet and we don't see him making "moves" per se. He stands out athletically more than people would have expected which is wonderful, we just don't see him connecting that deeply with anyone on the show at the moment. Maybe he's just having a chill island break which is cool too.

Singles Inferno 3 - Min Kyu

Min Kyu - his feelings still stand strong for Gyu Ri and in our opinion, they match very well together and the way he looks at Gyu Ri, a lot of people have felt the butterflies for her. Gyu Ri does not seem 100% into him though so we will have to see how this plays out!

Singles Inferno 3 - Ha Bin
Singles Inferno 3 - Ha Bin

Ha Bin - Ha Bin is not living up to his full potential on this show, he's a little quirky and we love that but it seems his expression of interest to Ha Jeong did not go as well as expected as Ha Jeong is still very fixated on Gwan Hee. Fun fact about Ha Bin - he's currently a character on the show My Demon!

Singles Inferno 3 - Ha Jeong
Singles Inferno 3 - Ha Jeong

Ha Jeong - have you ever had a crush on someone that you don't really want to have a crush on but it takes time to maybe let go of those feelings? That's what we feel for Ha Jeong and her interest in Gwan Hee. She was very upset at the way he expressed his interest in three women at the same time which is totally understandable and we thought she and Hye Seon were over him and ready to move on but both still seem to have lingering feelings for Gwan Hee despite Gwan Hee not reciprocating. We are proud of Ha Jeong for expressing her feelings honestly to Gwan Hee so she wouldn't "regret" but we just wish she would have had someone more into her!

Singles Inferno 3 - Min Young
Singles Inferno 3 - Min Young

Min Young - this girl is also another who appeared a little wishy-washy. She kept claiming that when on her date with Jin Seok in the pool it was a very "brother-sister" interaction but we don't know which siblings would ever interact like that, ever. Their date was very romantic and she was instigating a lot but then appeared to change her mind when she came back to the island. Jin Seok I guess took her actions as her being really into him and decided he would stick to her until she decided to give out four candies to other men which made him question her intentions. She is now very "into" Jin Seok only because he has caught the interest of Min Ji and went to paradise. Since Jin Seok is now pulling away she is clinging on more and making her situation a little worse but let's see how this will play out!

Singles Inferno 3 - Jin Seok
Singles Inferno 3 - Jin Seok

Jin Seok - Perhaps our favorite guy on the show so far, Jin Seok expressed his feelings for Min Young initially but then changed after she expressed interest in other men. He changed a finally let go when he interacted more with Min Ji, the latest addition to the group. We can see a little confusion between them, as Min Young clings closer to Jin Seok, he pulls away but Min Ji shows her interest as well - we are CONFUSED. We are not sure how this will play out - Jin Seok seems interested in both girls despite telling Min Ji that he didn't have anyone he was interested in anymore, referring to Min Young. He still winks at her though and Min Ji still seems to be assessing her options! We have no clue with this one.

Singles Inferno 3 - Min Ji

Min Ji - the latest addition to the group who went on a two-man date with Min Woo and Jin Seok in which she seemingly showed more interest in Jin Seok but when she returned to the island the interest did seem to shift to Gwan Hee. Since she is a newcomer we don't really know where her true feelings lie! I guess we will have to wait to find out!

Our thoughts

This season has been all over the place, some scenes making us smile with cuteness, some making us roll our eyes, and some making us yawn, we're not sure this season is capturing the essence of Singles Inferno but hey, we have two more episodes to go! We're hoping for a little more excitement and perhaps a little more continuity and romance! Also, like the judges said can Ha Bin and Won Ik just go on a bromance trip to paradise? I feel like it would give us a little more excitement than what's currently happening!

Are you watching Singles Inferno? What are your thoughts on this season? Comment below!


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