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Suga or Jungkook !? | A Dreamy IU Concert Day!

Sept 17 -- IU held her long-awaited concert, The Golden Hour, at Jamsil Stadium, the biggest stadium in South Korea! 90,000 screaming fans attended the event given the singer's immense popularity.

Of course, the concert is well worth the wait, as IU has put immense preparation into her show, IU’s mom gave out thousands of seat cushions for arenas using her own money because IU’s concerts usually go overtime (3-5 hours)!

When the concert gets started, everyone was seeing where the concert was!

IU opened her concert with "Eight" (Prod & Feat. SUGA of BTS) at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium. The sound was amazing in stadium mode! SUGA's song was the first song performed at the stadium concert.

Here's how fans reacted!

The aesthetic of IU concert was extraordinary and the way she delivered this song was just so elegant and perfect. It was art mixed with the class and elegance of royalty! Whoever had the opportunity to go must have had great pleasure in watching this show!

Moving on to IU's fans, we were not surprised to find Jungkook among the audience! We all know that Jungkook has been a fan of IU for a long time even before his debut and he even sang IU's debut song during his audition! He loves, supports, and respects her!

Finally, everyone was happy with this big concert and even they considered IU a real princess with her simple lovely outfit! You can see from the tweets how they felt very happy! That night was so very well-deserved!

Were you one of the attendees? What do you think of the concert? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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