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Suga's Solo Album "D-DAY" Continues to Reign: Breaking Records on the Billboard 200!

BTS member Suga continues to dominate the charts with his debut solo album, even a month after its release!

"D-DAY," Suga's much-awaited album, debuted to great success by taking the second position on the Top 200 Albums list. This accomplishment made it the highest-ranking Korean solo album in the history of the Billboard 200, tying the record set by his bandmate Jimin. It's important to note that Suga's 2020 mixtape "D-2," which peaked at an amazing No. 11 on the list, helped him earn a spot in the top 20 albums as a K-pop soloist.

Maintaining its momentum, "D-DAY" has now spent four weeks straight at No. 51 on the Billboard 200. With this achievement, "D-DAY" is now officially recognized as the Korean solo album with the highest position in the fourth week of the Billboard 200! Suga's album continues to do well, as seen by its positions at No. 3 on the World Albums list, No. 8 on the Top Current Album Sales chart, No. 9 on the Top Album Sales chart, and No. 13 on the Top Rap Albums chart.

The fascinating title track "Haegeum" by Suga has also made a comeback on the World Digital Song Sales list, rising to an astounding No. 6! The song has now been on the chart for four weeks in a row, proving its ongoing appeal to listeners throughout the world.

Suga, better known by his stage as Agust D, has distinguished himself on several charts. On the Artist 100, he attained the No. 36 position, marking his sixth week overall and fifth week as Agust D on the list.

Let's send Suga our sincere congrats for accomplishing yet another amazing success with his superb solo album!

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Hwiyang Nim
Hwiyang Nim
Jun 12, 2023

just how much far away he can reach ? yoongi is the best

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