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The kiss we've all been waiting for! ["My Demon" Ep. 7 reaction!]

Following a tense episode 6 finale when newlyweds, Jeong Gu Won and Do Do Hee, finally follow their haunch and tail the suspicious Mirae Group employee Noh Do Gyeong, we finally get to see what we've all been waiting for! The kiss! And my oh my it was a good one! We break down our reaction from episode 7 of the popular supernatural romantic drama My Demon! So get your popcorn ready and take a seat as we dive into a sensual episode!


Bang! Right off the bat, we get the kiss that we've all been waiting for! While trailing Noh Do Gyeong to a subway station, Jeong Gu Won (Song Kang) and Do Do Hee (Kim You Jung) hide in a photo booth. They're not too subtle as they are caught watching Do Gyeong from afar and just when he gets close enough and draws the curtain to see who it is, they kiss!

Of course, Gu Won brushes it off and says that it was to protect their faces from Noh Do Gyeong from seeing who they were, but we could tell that Do Do Hee was blushing and enjoyed it! We can't blame her! The kiss was sensual and we could feel the passion behind it! Oh, the feels! Haha!

Push/Pull couple

In Korea, there's a saying when couples can't decide whether they want to stay in a relationship or not. It called "mildang" (밀당). There is a power struggle between two people of the opposite sex. My Demon is pretty much the epitome of "mildang"! Just when things are going smoothly between Gu Won and Do Hee, the relationship hits a wall. When it is time for Gu Won to move his things into Do Hee's apartment, the two argue about how much stuff Gu Won has and ultimately, he is forced to sleep in his car, with all of his belongings. We just want this relationship to work so bad! So why is it so hard producer/writer of the series?

One-sided affair

We finally get to see the gorgeous Jin Ga Young (Cho Hye Joo Reborn Rich 2022), who also works at Sunwol Foundation with Gu Won and has a serious crush on him, and her relationship with Gu Won. We are offered a look into her troubled past, growing up with an abusive father who was a drunk and gambler. We now know why Ga Young is obsessed with Gu Won and why she is in love with him. Her father, like many others, made a contract with Gu Won to pay off his gambling debts 10 years prior and because his time was up, Gu Won approaches him, in front of Ga Young, and takes his soul. Desperate for an adult in her life, young Ga Young vows to find Gu Won and the rest is history!

Although there are other moments from episode 7 that we haven't covered, we don't want to spoil everything for you! Let us know your thoughts about the series so far! Comment below!


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