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The truth is revealed as to why Du Sik is back in her hometown! ["Like Flowers in Sand Ep. 4]

Those of you watching the ENA romantic comedy Like Flowers in Sand may have thought "Why is Du Sik back in her hometown?" "Is she there to become the manager of her old ssireum (Korean traditional wrestling) team?" Well, now we know the truth! We break down episode 4 and what shocked us!

Baek Du is something else!

Hilariously, we find out that Kim Baek Du (Jang Dong Yoon Oasis 2023) trying to figure out whether ssireum is still right for him as he was pondering about quitting throughout episode 3 and even considering taking the national police exam. Not jokingly, Oh Yu Gyeong (Lee Joo Myoung Twenty-Five Twenty-One 2022) makes fun of him saying, "Being a police officer is no joke. It's not for you", and slaps him on the forehead. What we're saying is that that scene is foreshadowing for episode 4! At the end of episode 3, we find out that Oh Yu Gyeong is actually Baek Du's childhood friend, Du Sik!

At the beginning of episode 4, Yu Gyeong (aka Du Sik) and Baek Du are at the ssireum center and she asks Baek Du to be the new coach of the team saying, "I need you to be with me on this team." Baek Du, being the clueless goofy ball that he is thinks that she is confessing her feelings for him. He "knows" that she is "married" so why is she professing her feelings? Haha! You have got to love the clueless lead mistakenly taking everything she says at face value!

Oh Yu Gyeong's (aka Du Sik) real motive is revealed!

As Oh Yu Gyeong goes back home that night, we find out the real reason why she is back in her hometown. Waiting for her is her retired boss, Captain Chu Mi Suk! It turns out that Oh Yu Gyeong is an undercover detective working on the dead Choi Chil Sung case nearby with her partner/supposed husband, Min Hyeon Uk! Now everything makes sense!

A town divided

Being invited to be the coach of the town's ssireum team, Baek Du has a local challenger, Kwak Jin Su (Lee Jae Joon), another good ssireum player who also wants to be the coach of the team. Because of such a small town, the mothers of these two players play a pivotal role in the town's dynamics, and siding with either one of them has its pros and cons.

Kwak Jin Su proposes that they have a match to battle for the coaching job. As the whole town watches, Baek Du can't back down now! He agrees to the ssireum match! It seems that the whole town is there to watch these two ssireum aces battle it out. During an intense dramatic match, the K-drama gods have messed with us again as two police officers barge in demanding to as Baek Du about the fatal accident that occurred a little earlier! Why oh why? Will we ever know who is the better ssireum wrestler?

Baek Du is interrogated!

At the police station, the detectives on the case of Choi Chil Sung's death discovered that Baek Du was at the scene the night he drank himself to the point of blacking out. Turns out that he had a little scuffle with the driver who almost hit him on the side of the road. With the help of Joo Mi Ran (Kim Bo Ra) it turns out that she was a witness that night and saw the whole incident. Turns out that Mi ran overheard Bae Du shout, "Take this KRW 40,000 ($30.00)!"

interrogatedNow we understand that Choi Chil Sung was the man who attended the restaurant Baek Du was at during his high school reunion! The man left quickly without waiting for Baek Du to give him his change! So Baek Du was only trying to give him back his change, drunkenly! Poor Baek Du was having a hard time keeping the KRW 40,000 and we couldn't help but burst out in laughter!

Baek Du finds out Du Sik's secret!

After being found innocent after the interrogation, Baek Du's stomach was acting up and he needed to go to the restroom right away. While finding the bathroom, he secretly overhears Captain Chu Mi Suk speaking with the station chief! Bam! That's when he figures out that Du Sik isn't who she claims to be! He meets up with her to confront her and also to ask a very important question on his mind, "Du Sik. You're not really married are you?"

Wow! What an amazing and liberating episode! All the secrets are out! Or so we think! What are your thoughts about this week's episode? Comment below!


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