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Jungkook's Popularity In 84 Countries!! BTS At TMA Awards!

BTS bagged multiple major awards on Saturday, October 8 during The Fact Music Awards becoming the main highlight of the show. Jungkook, with his beautiful words, gorgeous visuals, and top-tier live vocals, looked amazing! During the TMA, he showed explosive popularity in 84 countries!! Hashtag #BTSOnTMA2022 was trending!

And here are the translation of what Jungkook was saying:

Jungkook's speech about BTS winning the popularity award at the TMA Awards:

JK: Hey, I changed my hair for this award, thank you all for your hard work. Thanks for your support!

Jungkook's speech on winning 'Artist of the Year at the TMA Awards:

JK 🐰: We are BTS! Did you say it well? Artist of the Year It's a profound and precious award. Including all ARMYs, because of the ARMY, we got another precious award, so I feel very good feelings, thank you again...

👤: Is there another member? <Want to talk>

JK 🐰: Ah! I'm not done yet!

👤: Oh sorry, finish your conversation, please

JK 🐰: Actually, we are 7 people who met with the love of music and worked hard together, but later we also worked hard but silently.

JK 🐰: And honestly our members are cool

JK🐰: And honestly our members are cool

JK🐰: Really, you guys are the best. ARMY, all of you, thank you.

JK🐰: Finally, I'd like to say one more thing: It's 'Artist of the Year right? I don't know if we can get such a great award next year but I will be grateful if you remember one thing, we will work hard to be your artist forever, thank you!

Despite being the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook continues to prove his maturity when it comes to the life of being an idol!

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