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Viral K-Beauty (Skin Care) products reviewed by US & YOU!

If you don't yet know about South Korea's ever-lasting skincare campaign let us tell you! South Korea has become one of the largest countries for the development of skincare and beauty products! This is because of socially constructed concepts such as "lookism" which is the judgment of a person based on their appearance to see if they meet a certain "standard" or "norm", especially in social settings. We've curated a few K-beauty products that we have tried and wanted to share our experiences with you! Read on to view our first product!

Shops like Olive Young, Chicor, and Sephora here in Korea are inundated with rows and rows filled with skincare and beauty products!

A well-known skincare goal of many Koreans is to achieve glass skin which is "skin that looks crystal-clear, poreless, translucent, [and] luminous — like a piece of glass." (Allure)

Let us take you through a very random mix of products we've found in Korea! Starting with...

Mixsoon Bean Essence

This product was incredibly popular last year! Made from fermented soybeans beans this product promises that it:

"Strengthens skin health, moisturizes & revitalizes skin tone, exfoliates & smooths skin texture, and provides natural antioxidants rich in vitamin C&E." (Olive Kollective)

Our experience:

We feel like these serums often have a thick and stickier texture, especially when it comes to those that focus on smoothing skin texture. This essence feels similar to the CORSX Vitamin C serum. This product was hyped up so much last year! We feel like it definitely has a lot to offer! It makes the skin texture smooth from its first use! Once again K-Beauty for the win!

Other Customer Reviews:

Similar to most skincare/beauty products there is a mixed response when it comes to Mixsoon (heh get my little pun there). That's just because everyone's skin reacts differently to these products, it's just a human response. Here are two contrasting reviews from Reddit and Amazon.



As we said above, each product will always have mixed reviews! What works for you might not work for others that's just life! But if you're interested in K-Beauty/Skin Care we'd recommend you do a lot of research, especially relating to your skin type, and find information from people who have similar skin to yours! We wish you well on your beauty journey!

Check out this viral video from TikTok!

Have you tried this viral product? If yes, let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below!

For more K-Skincare with us stay tuned!



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