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Wanna One's Park Ji Hoon Is An Outlaw in "Blank Effect" Comeback!

Dark, grimy, and mischievous, Wanna One's Park Ji Hoon returns with his seventh EP "Blank or Black" on April 12, 2023! In just 15 hours, the music video has already garnered more than 600,000 views! Fans are overcome with excitement! Let's break down the song and video!

Dressed in a jean jacket and pants alongside a black leather jacket and pants, Park Ji Hoon does look like the bad boy in this rhythmic single, "Blank Effect"! Ji Hoon claims that for this night, he is "the outlaw, no emotion can hurt him." The distorted beat adds to the griminess of the song and really suits the mood. The addition of strong dance choreography with Ji Hoon soft voice really adds a layer of intrigue to listeners!

The second part of the song seems to be more supernatural as we see Ji Hoon passed on on the floor with blood on his hands. He then walks down a narrow dark hallway with what looks like blood smeared under his eyes. The last part of the song features Ji Hoon catching on fire. First the area around him, and then his sleeves. In the end, we see Ji Hoon rising up in an all-red leather suit. (Could he really be the evil part of himself?)

Following up on his very successful K-drama Weak Hero Class 1 it seems that his character is still living within Park Ji Hoon! What are your thoughts about the music video? Did you enjoy it? Let us know!


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