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YG Global talent search begins! Are you ready to showcase your skills?

The 2024 YG Global Audition begins! This year, it will be held across 10 countries and 17 cities, looking for exceptional talents with a passion to join YG! Details for each city will be announced shortly and pre-registration is available through the QR code on the poster or the YG Audition website.

2024 YG Global Audition poster
YG Entertainment

Here is a brief overview of the pre-registration process and eligibility requirements.

[Qualification] Anyone born between 2006 - 2013

[Category] Choose one from vocal, rap, dance, or appearance. You will be given about a minute to present yourself.

[How to apply] Apply either pre-registration or walk-in on the day of the audition. (Varies by country.)

Those who have pre-registered will be notified of their audition time via email.

For walk-in applicants, sign up in person at the venue where the audition is being held on the audition day. However, please note that some waiting time may be expected.

Please visit for further details regarding the location of the audition for walk-in candidates.

This is where young artists may showcase their talents, form lifetime friendships, and reach their full potential! As the auditions continue, we excitedly await the arrival of the next famous group or soloist who will symbolize the very spirit of YG Entertainment, pushing the limits of innovation and revolutionizing the K-pop scene!


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