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A Day Trip Guide to Seoul's Blossom Beauties

Spring in Seoul unfolds a mesmerizing tapestry of cherry blossoms, and what better way to savor this fleeting beauty than with a carefully planned day trip? Here's your ultimate guide to experiencing the delicate magic of cherry blossoms across Seoul!

1. Blossom Hotspots: A Symphony of Petals

Kyunghee University Campus:

Start your day with a serene campus stroll amidst blossoming trees.

Yeouido Yoonjung-ro:

Traverse this charming street for a picturesque cherry blossom walk.

Yangjaecheon Stream (Yeouigyo):

Embrace the tranquility of cherry blossoms along the stream.

Seokchon Lake in Jamsil:

A lakeside paradise where cherry blossoms reflect on calm waters.

Children’s Grand Park:

Enjoy a family-friendly escape amidst vibrant blossoms.

Seoul National Cemetery:

Commemorate with a touch of solemnity amidst cherry blossoms.

2. Photography Tips: Capturing the Essence

Golden Hour Magic:

Plan your visit during the golden hour for warm, soft hues.

Model Placement:

Position your subject behind the sunlight for a captivating effect.

Cherry Blossom Props:

Incorporate real blossoms into your shots for added allure.

Aperture Settings:

Set your camera below F2.5 for dreamy portrait photography.

Angles Matter:

Capture the blossoms from a lower angle for a stunning background.

3. Fashion & Makeup: Styling for the Blossoms

Pastel Palette:

Opt for calm pink and white hues to harmonize with the blossoms.


Elevate your look with accessories like a wide-brimmed hat.

Makeup Tips:

Enhance your features with a touch of pink blush to highlight bone structure.

4. Coffee Shops with a Blossom View: Sipping Amidst Petals

1. Petit Patti Cafe, Seokchon Lake: Delight in a cherry blossom dining experience.

2. Dear Moments, Mapo: Sip coffee surrounded by blossoms on this charming second-floor spot.

3. Hi Little Princess, Mapo: Enjoy a royal coffee experience amidst blooming splendor.

5. Camping under Blossoms: Creating Cherished Moments

Plan Ahead: If time allows, arrange a cherry blossom camping experience.

Memorable Photos: Apply the earlier photography tips for unforgettable camping memories.

Seoul's cherry blossoms are not just a sight to behold; they're an experience to cherish. Make your day trip an ode to spring's fleeting beauty and create memories that last a lifetime. Happy blossom hunting! 🌸✨


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