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A2K's Performance Showcases Blew Us Away! Who's Going to Korea?

This week's episode of JYP's K-pop girl group reality survival program, A2K, really tested the contestants as a whole! The culmination of the girls' LA Bootcamp training has all come to this day! Who will go to Korea to get a chance to debut as the first all-American K-pop girl group? Read on to find out!


Team LGYM consisting of Lexi, Gina, Yuna, and Melissa, started off the performance showcase strong with their resilient teamwork! The team performed TWICE's "The Feels" and slayed! When asked about their weaknesses, each member had something to work on, especially Yuna. Yuna seemed to be timid and not confident throughout the whole boot camp and J.Y. Park caught on immediately. How did the members help each other out? By focusing on their weaknesses! And it showed during their showcase performance!

Melissa and Gina both received character stones while Yuna received a vocal stone. Upon receiving her last stone, Gina was announced to be the first contestant to go to Korea! When asked about her weakness, she said "Being comfortable." and that her teammates helped her become more comfortable and focus on having fun!

Team CKC

Team CKC consisting of Camila, Cristina, and KG was considered to be the all-star team since Camila had already received all the stones necessary to move on to Korea. Both Cristina and KG had three stones and needed one more to move on. Team CKC literally wowed J.Y. Park and Nichkhun as they showed everyone why they were called the "all-stars"! The team executed "Be My Baby" by Wonder Girls without any mistakes and blew everyone away!

Although touted to be an "all-star team", Team CKC didn't go into the performance showcase with problems of their own. Cristina struggled with vocals as she was looped into a team with Top 3 vocals in Camila as ranked first and KG ranked third. KG, on the other hand, struggled with the choreography due to her lack of experience in dance training compared to the other two.

In the end, Team CKC was brilliant, and J.Y. Park commended them on their amazing performance! Camila's combination of strong vocals with in-sync choreography brought praises by Nichkhun who said, "You look like a professional!" Cristina was praised for her powerful dance moves and finally, received a vocal stone! KG showed her confidence and energy but unfortunately did not receive the character stone.

After exhilarating and captivating performances by both teams, there is still a chance for those who didn't receive stones to go to Korea! Comment which performance you enjoyed the most and who you want to see move on to Korea!


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