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[A2K] Team Evaluation Rankings Are In! Who's Moving on to the Finals?

After a very nervous and hectic team performance evaluation, how are the contestants on JYP's K-pop survival show A2K faring? We break down who slayed and who needed more improvement!

(From left t(From left to right) Kaylee, KG, and Savanna team performance in JYP's "A2K" (JYP Entertainment)o right) Kaylee, KG, and Savanna team performance in JYP's "A2K" (JYP Entertainment)
(From left to right) Kaylee, KG, and Savanna's team performance in JYP's "A2K" (JYP Entertainment)

In the latest episode of A2K, Team SP3KTRUM's KG proved that she was worthy of being the next K-pop star by overcoming her weakness in choreography! With her dance skills lacking compared to her team members, J.Y. Park was concerned about whether KG had it in her to pull off K-pop dance choreography. Luckily, with the help of Kaylee and Savanna, KG was able to blow everyone away with her amazing performance in the team's evaluation!

Savanna, on the other hand, struggled with vocals as she had difficulty hitting notes due to using her throat instead of her stomach to belt out the notes. The trio were able to overcome their weaknesses and put on a stunning performance! J.Y. Park gave Team SP3KTRUM an A+ for their amazing efforts! Check out their performance!

Final Rankings Are Decided!

After receiving the highest praise from J.Y. Park, it was undeniable that Team SP3KTRUM was the number one team! All members: Kaylee, KG, and Savanna each received a stone and are on their way to the finals! The team coming in at number two was BACK Dawgz consisting of Camila, Cristina, and Gina. The ranked third, Team Marteami, consisted of Kendall, Lexi, and Yuma.

Of the nine contestants, only the top six were given stones!

Here are the individual rankings:

1. Kaylee

2. Cristina

3. Camila

4. Savanna

5. Gina

6. KG

Did not receive a stone:

7. Kendall

8. Lexi

9. Yuna

The rule for A2K, from the beginning, was that if you finished last twice, you would be let go. And unfortunately, for Yuna, this happened. In an emotional farewell, Yuna said her last "goodbye" to everyone. We will miss you Yuna!

In the end, each contestant voted for their favorite teammate over the course of 7 weeks. And the top three favorite teammates received a special reward from J.Y. Park! The prize was a day at the most famous amusement park in Seoul, Lotte World Adventure in Jamsil! The top teammate of A2K is Camila! Lexi and Gina were tied for 2nd place! Congrats girls!

We can't wait for the final group announcements next week! Stay tuned for more A2K content and comment below!


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